The <questionfeedbacktypes> element defines additional types of question feedback that are displayed to authors when editing assessment or homework items.
<questionfeedbacktype display="string" [group="string"] [condition="string"] [type="string"]/>
questionfeedbacktypes / questionfeedbacktypedisplayDisplay title of the custom question feedback type.

groupFeedback group name. The assessment settings panel displays a feedback option for each unique group. Group names may contain only letters, numbers, and underscore.

condition Condition to add to questions that are created with this feedback type. Possible values are explained in the documentation for the <feedback> element in the Question XML Schema.

type Type of question this feedback type is specifically for. It can be one of the following values:
choice = multiple choice
match = matching
answer = multiple answer
text = fill in the blank
essay = essay
order = ordering
shortanswerspecific = fill in the blank, specific answer feedback for each blank. Feedbacks of this type require condition attribute to be specified using answer related condition variables.
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