What's New in May 2012?
Developer Features

The May 2012 BrainHoney release contains several defect fixes and new features for developers who call BrainHoney components and the Frame API. For details of these changes, please see Release Notes.

Discussion Forums

Course authors can control whether students may create new threads in a discussion forum.

Grace Periods

Course authors can specify a grace period for activities that have due dates so that students can submit after the due date but not after the grace period has expired.


Teachers can choose to highlight late submissions in the gradebook by adjusting the score-display options.

Teachers can choose to treat unscored, gradable activities as having a score of 0. The default is to treat them as having no score.

IMS Global's Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) v1.1 Compliance

In March 2012, IMS Global Learning Consortium (GLC) released LTI v1.1, and IMS GLC has certified that this BrainHoney release is LTI v1.1 compliant. This means that if you create a Custom Activity item in your course that links to content hosted on some other LTI v1.1-compliant server, then that server can update scores in the BrainHoney gradebook for that content item using the industry-standard LTI protocol. See for more details about LTI v1.1. See Launching Links with LTI for more details about accessing LTI-enabled web sites from within BrainHoney.

What's New in Previous Versions?

If you leap-frogged previous releases to upgrade to May 2012, you'll probably want to read the following topics to discover new features added in the past year.

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