What's New in March 2014?

You can find detailed release notes for this release and past releases at Release Notes.

Course Variables

We added the $ENROLLMENTUSERNAME$ and $ENROLLMENTUSERREFERENCE$ default course variables. See Course Variables for more details.

Custom Activity

We now store submitted date time when score for SCORM objects is recorded or updated.

LTI 1.1 Tool-Provider Options

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI 1.1) Tool Providers can now flag student scores as needing grading so that an entry appears in the TeacherToDo list for items that a student attempts on a Tool Provider's external site. See Launching Links with LTI for more details.

Teacher Dashboard

We added two new components TeacherStudentCourses and TeacherStudentList to provide more detailed information on students and courses students are enrolled in. We also enhanced CriticalStudentList component. See the documents on these components for more details.

What's New in Previous Versions?

If you leap-frogged previous releases to upgrade to March 2014, you'll probably want to read the following topics to discover features added in the past.

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