What's New in July 2014?

You can find detailed release notes for this release and past releases at Release Notes.


You can now define answer choice labels and fix display order of selected choices in Multiple Choice and Multiple Answer questions.

Fixed Order And Answer Labels

You can enable the Allow save and continue setting even in a password protected assessment. It still requires students to enter a password when they want to continue a saved assessment.

Enable Save and Continue

You can allow multiple choices as correct answers for multiple choice questions. Answers with any one of these choices will be accepted as correct answers.

Multiple Correct Answers

Short Answer Questions

You can now define multiple fill-in-the-blanks and multiple correct answers in both the basic and the advanced assessment editors.

Multiple Correct Answers

You can now define question feedback type that allows blank answer specific feedbacks in both the basic and in the advanced assessment editors.

Per Blank Feedbacks

New Ordering Question Type

You can now author, display, review, and see question summary data for questions of the new Ordering question type. You can use both the basic and the advanced assessment editor to author questions of the new type.

Ordering Question Type

Find Courses

Administrators can now add a filter to search only active courses by specifying an active-as-of-date. The same functionality is added to the Teacher a Course wizard when teachers want to find a course to copy.

Find Courses


Teachers can now mark an item complete and skip mastery restriction on access to other items. This allows students to move unto other items even if they do not have a passing score on the item.

Skip Restrict

Teachers can now view and grade all the submissions to a question in a single view. Users can launch this new view from the ItemDetails component.

Grouped Submissions

Gradebook Export

Teachers now have the option to export student grades in the gradebook export.

Gradebook Export Options

Gradebook Performance

We dramatically reduced the initial page load time and user action response time for various gradebook related pages in the Gradebook and ItemDetails components. The enhancement is especially significant and obvious to users when a large number of students are enrolled in the course. For example, a course gradebook with several hundred enrollments and over a thousand items could take minutes to load. The enhanced page load time can be within several seconds.

Browser Support

We added the support for IE11.

Course and User Content

We deprecated the support for the course and user content created in the obsolete Xaml format. Many of these contents are created in the courses with the GoCourse course schema. These content can be incluced in the annoucements, assessments, assignments, and discussion boards. See Release Notes for details.

Course Structure

We added a new option labeled "Require passing score if gradable for mastery" when an item visibility is restricted by mastery of other items. By default, the visibility requires passing score if other items are gradable items, which matches the current behavior. Uncheck this option will make the item visible when all the other items are completed but do not require to have a passing score anymore.

Require Passing Score Option

We added a new option labeled "SCO supports browse mode" for custom activities with completion and score set by content. When the option is checked, users can choose to preview these activities in the browse mode from the syllabus page.

SCO supports browse mode

What's New in Previous Versions?

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