What's New in August 2013?

You can find detailed release notes for this release and past releases at Release Notes.

Updated Look and Feel

We updated the default style with new images, icons, and colors.

Assessment Score Mappings

You can now add score mappings to associate a student's raw score with relative scores on a standardized test or with a textual description of the score. You define Score Mappings in an assessment's Gradebook Settings in the assessment editor:

Score Mappings

The grade details screen displays the scaled score:

edit grading rubric

Google Drive™ Integration

Student, teachers, and course authors can now easily access Google Drive documents within a course. You must set up this feature in any domain you wish to use it, as described in Enabling Google Drive Access.

Students can submit Google Drive documents (Google docs) with assignment submissions.

Google doc dropbox

Graders can attach Google docs when providing feedback and scores.

Google doc feedback

Course authors can create web-site items that refer to Google docs, or attach Google docs to any of the item types that allow attachments.

Google doc picker

Gradebook Display and Export

Teachers now have additional options in gradebook to display and export student email addresdses, export total score, total points, and category totals. The items within each grading category are ordered by category sequence in the export.

Gradebook display options

Gradebook export options

Grading Rubrics for Essay Questions

You can now create rubrics for grading essay questions in an assessment. In the Simple Question Editor, click the score, then check Rubric and click the Edit Rubric link.

edit grading rubric

In the Advanced Question Editor, place your cursor on a question rubric row, if there is one, or the question number and click the Rubric link to create a rubric for the question.

edit grading rubric

In the grading screen, as graders assign scores to each rubric row, BrainHoney automatically calculates the rolled-up score and assigns the correct number of points for the assessment question.

grading question rubric

Question-Bank Search

Course authors can now search subscribed-to question banks for questions to include in assessments. See Question Banks for more details.

question bank search

Question-bank owners can create a search form that authors use to search by specific metadata on the questions. See Configuring Question Banks for more details.

question bank search form

Clicking an item in the search results pane opens a preview window containing the question's metadata with the question.

question bank question preview

Offline Assessments

BrainHoney can be configured to print bubble sheet copies of an exam and retrive the results from an external scanning server. Currently, DataManager(tm) is the only server which interfaces with BrainHoney.

Auto Start for Assessment Items

Authors can create assessments that automatically start when the student navigates to them.

auto start

Exam Templates

Assessment items can now contain an "exam template" that renders assessment questions within HTML content. For example, you can create a page of content with questions sprinkled across the page. BrainHoney supports displaying assessments with exam templates, but not authoring them. For authoring them, programmers can refer to the DLAP Web Services API.

Menu Customization

You can now more easily customize the top-level menu structure without overriding the default frame. You can add top-level menus, icons, and specify required rights to see the menu items. See <menuitems> for details.

custom menus

Programmers can also build custom components that specify which top level menus and submenus should be selected when the component is shown. See the Frame API's ComponentState for details.

What's New in Previous Versions?

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