What's New in 2015?

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Batch Import

We add a functionality to allow administrators to import observers from a bath file.

Batch Import Observers

Content with Website

We add an option to view these content in a separate browser window. This applies to website or custom activities.

External Launch

Course Settings

You can now set a course to automatically assign zero score to unsubmitted gradable activities after the activities become past due.

Flunk Unsubmitted Course Setting

Custom Activity

We add a new "Allow users to save" option for custom activities of completion and score set by content (SCO). The new option allows users to save custom activity data proactively with the new "Save", and "Save and Close" buttons in the ActivityPlayer component.

Allow User to Save

Custom Questions

We enhance the Web Services request API to include the user role, the evaluated review setting values, and the evaluated review setting values for custom feedback groups.

Enrollment Completion

We add an option to enrollment completion rules so that enrollments with failing course scores can be set automatically to completion.

Enrollment Completion

Final Grades

We add a new button to allow users to mark enrollment complete from the final grade page. The button will be visible only when users have owner permission on the course.

Mark Enrollment Complete


You can now force users to re-login after a session has been closed unexpectedly in scenarios such as when the connection to the server is lost, or users have logged in with a different credential, or users have logged out from another session.


What's New in Previous Versions?

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