VHTML Files and Replacement Tags

VHTML files are files that BrainHoney processes before sending to the browser. These files can have either the .vhtm or .vhtml extension. VHTML files are used to define frames and custom components. BrainHoney replaces all instances of pre-defined replacement tags in VHTML files with dynamic content, whether the tags are found in HTML markup, <style> tags, or Javascript strings. The following sections define these pre-defined replacement tags.

Accessing Query Parameters

To access parameters passed to a VHTML file, surround the parameter name with the '$' character. BrainHoney replaces these referenced parameters with their values. For example, if a custom VHTML file was expecting a query parameter named 'MyId' to display dynamic content, everywhere the text '$MyId$' is found in the VHTML file will be replaced with the value of the query parameter.

Each VHTML file has access to its standard ID parameter, which you reference from your VHTML file as $ID$. Many Frame API calls, such as setComponentState require this ID parameter.