Customizing the User Interface

You can customize the BrainHoney User Interface at many different levels, from simple look and feel changes through stylesheets to custom frames and navigation to custom UI components to embedding BrainHoney components in an external website.

Simple Styling

You can customize the BrainHoney look and feel with very little effort by overriding CSS styles in a custom stylesheet. You must upload and register the custom style sheet in the <files> tag of the domain's Customization XML. See Overridable Styles for more information on the supported overridable styles.

Deeper Customization

You can customize the BrainHoney frame and main navigation by building your own using simple HTML replacement tags and a Javascript API. You can even show your own pages inside BrainHoney. Using BrainHoney components in the context of other websites and SSO, you can also effectively embed BrainHoney functionality into your existing website.

NOTE: This functionality is in BETA and may be changed before the official supported release.

These are the main elements of the BrainHoney user interface:

All of these elements have access to a top level Javascript API called the Frame API to help coordinate state and functionality between elements.

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