Send an Email Message through BrainHoney

Send an Email using BrainHoney

You can send email to a single student or to groups enrolled in the course (such as "All", "Students" or "Teachers"), as well as to users with domain-defined course roles (such as "Teaching Assistants" or "Auditors"). The email is sent to the email address stored in the user profile.

Senders must have an email address defined in their user profile; otherwise, they cannot send email. Only recipient users with email addresses defined in their user profiles can receive the email. BrainHoney sends the email on behalf of the sender and recipients read the email in their personal email programs. BrainHoney supplies the recipients with the originator's email address, so that the email conversation can continue between the users using their personal email programs, outside of BrainHoney.


From the Communicate menu, point to Send Mail, then click the course containing the intended recipients.


The Send Mail window displays. Click the To button.


Select the recipients.


Click the To-> button. The recipient will display in the box beneath the To button. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each recipient. When all recipients have been added, click OK.


Type the subject and the message. Click Send to send the message.