Search for a Resource

Search for a Resource

In the Resources window in the Syllabus Course Outline tab, you may search educational resource web sites for resources to add your course.


If you have loaded standard objectives for the course, and the resource you are searching for should support one of these objectives, highlight the objective and then check the Aligned to objective box.


Type the key word in the Key words box.


From the Source list, click the source for the desired resource. The source list will display all of the domains or courses that you have subscriptions to, including any subdomains of a subscribed domain. For example, if you have a subscription to domain A, and domain A has two subdomains, searching domain A for a resource will also search the two subdomains for that resource. However, the source list will only display domain A's name, even though the scope of the search will include domain A's two subdomains.


From the Of type list, click the type of resource for which you want to search.


Click the Search button. The results will display immediately below.


To add an item to your course, click on it and drag it into the course outline. Note: if you do not want the item to be visible to students (for example, if it is a lesson plan), edit the activities properties and select the Withold from Students property.