Post an Announcement

Post an Announcement

From time to time, you may wish to post announcements to students, such as reminders of exams or information about changes to your office hours. Announcements are created from the Announcements page. When you create an announcement, it is sent to all students in the course and displays in their announcements window on their BrainHoney Home Page.

You can set different expiration options, depending upon the type of announcement. You may want to post your office hours in an announcement that never expires, or remind students of an exam in an announcement that expires on the date of the exam.


From the Communicate menu, click Announcements.


Click the New announcement link.


From the Course List, choose the recipient of this announcement.


Enter the title and text for the announcement.


If you would like only specific people to receive the announcements, select them by choosing "Recipients" on the left-hand menu. In addition, select the Start and End dates for the announcement. You can type in the date or click the Calendar button to select the date. You may also post the announcement for an indefinite amount of time by selecting the checkbox below.


Click Post to post the announcement.