Monitoring Course Progress Using Objectives

Objective Mastery

Tracking objective mastery is one of several BrainHoney methods to monitoring student progress. Note: If the course objectives were created from imported state standards, the objective mastery view will show display mastery of state standards. To view objective mastery for a course, from the Objectives menu, click the course to view.

The Objective Mastery window displays. The objectives are listed in each row, and following are descriptions of each column in the table.


The ID is the number assigned when the objective was entered or loaded. If you loaded state standards as your objectives, the ID will be the ID of the state standard.


The Mastery column displays the percentage of students who have mastered the objective (as determined by the student responses on assessments, student grades on assignments, and the Mastery Threshold which was specified when the course was created).


Objective description as specified when the objective was added or loaded into the system.