Edit the Course Syllabus

Edit the Course Syllabus

The Syllabus displays the section objectives, course structure, and resource files. From this screen, you may add content, and if you created the course, you may also modify content.

•    The Objectives window displays the list of objectives, as well as the number of activities that cover or assess each objective.
•    The Syllabus/schedule window displays the course outline, and allows you to add, edit, reorder, or delete course items (if you have the appropriate rights). Courses learning activities are grouped into modules. You may change the name of the module: for example, you may change the name of "Module 1" to "Lesson 1" if that better fits your naming conventions. Course learning activities can be further grouped by folders.
•    The Course Files window displays the files used in the course, including files for students, such as readings that might be included in a .pdf format, as well as files for your use, such as a lesson plan.

To reorder the syllabus, drag and drop the course components to their new positions.

Drag and drop learning activities to new positions
• Move to a new module
• Move under a folder or to a new folder
• Move before or after another learning activity

Drag and drop folders to new positions (all folder contents will move with the folder)
• Move to a new module
• Move under a folder or to a new folder
• Move before or after another folder

What do you want to do?

Add and Assign objectives:
Add objectives to the course
Assign objectives to the course components
Align activities to state standards

Restructure the Course:
Add a new module
Change the title of a module
Change the order of the syllabus
Add a folder to a module

Add Content to the Course:
Add instructional content to the course
Add assignments to the course
Add assessments to the course