Grading with a Rubric

Grading with a Rubric

Depending upon the course you are teaching, the course author who created the course may have provided you with rubrics to grade assignments or discussion group posts. A rubric is a scoring tool used for subjective evaluations: it contains criteria and standards linked to learning objectives and is used to assess a student's performance.

If there is a rubric for a gradable activity, it is located on the Grading Page for the assignment. To access the Grading Page for an assignment, click the grid in the Gradebook for the assignment and student.

Note: To assign full credit for a criterion, click the value in the Max Score column for the criterion. To assign full credit for the entire assignment, click the word Total at the bottom of the Max Score column. This assigns the maximum score to all criteria.

Enter the score in each criterion row

Rubric-Grading Feedback

In addition to leaving assignment feedback, Teachers and graders who grade using rubrics can now leave rubric-row-specific feedback for students in addition to the assignment-specific feedback.

Rubric Feedback

BrainHoney automatically calculates the assignment score from the rubric rows

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