Grade a Discussion Board Post

Grading Discussion Board Posts

Grading student discussion board posts is similar to grading other student assignments with a few exceptions. When you access the Individual Student View in the Gradebook for a discussion posting, BrainHoney shows you the student’s post in context with the discussion. The post that you are grading is highlighted in yellow, making it easy to review.

Note: In order for a discussion board post to be gradable, the Add to Gradebook option must have been selected when the discussion board was created. If this option was not selected, no icon will display in the Gradebook, and there will be no place in the Gradebook for a grade.

Grades can be assigned while viewing the gradebook, or while viewing the discussion board directly.


To open the Gradebook for the course, click the Navigation hat to select the course and then click on the Gradebook link in the header.


From the Gradebook, click the document icon in the grid for the student and the Discussion Board. The Individual Student Grading Page for the discussion posts displays.


The Individual Grading Page for the student displays the post in context with the discussion thread. Once you have reviewed the post, enter a score depending upon the Grading entry method:

• For a rubric, enter a score in each criterion row in the rubric
• For points, enter the points in the Grade box.
• For percentage, enter the percentage in the Grade box.
• For a letter grade, select the grade from the list.

Note: You may also click Full Credit, which assigns the maximum number of points available for this activity; No Credit, which assigns a 0; or Clear, which clears all the rubric rows and grade box.


If you want to send feedback back to the student with the grade, click the Add Notes button and type the feedback in the Notes box.


When you have completed grading the discussion post, click Submit Grade.

Other Options
If you are not yet ready to submit the grade, you may click Save for Later. Your changes will be saved, but nothing is sent to the student or posted in the Gradebook.
If you want to excuse this student from the grade on this discussion post, click the Excuse button. The grade on this discussion post will be excluded from the student's average.
If you want to assign a grade, but give the student the opportunity to do better on the discussion post assignment, you may click the Allow Retry button. The current grade is kept until you modify it when the discussion post is resubmitted to you.

Warning: If you click Close, no changes will be saved.