Grading Assignments

Grading Assignments

When a student submits an assignment online, a document icon displays in the Gradebook to alert you that a document is pending.

Tip: On the Grading Page for the assignment, you can click the Full Credit link to easily assign the maximum grade for the assignment. You may also click No Credit, which will assign the minimum grade for the assignment. If you need to clear your entries, click the Clear link.


To open the Gradebook for the section, click the Gradebook link at the top of the screen and then select the section.


From the Gradebook, click the document icon in the grid for the student and the assignment. The Individual Student Grading Page for the assignment displays. The grading page displays any notes from the students when they submitted the assignment and contains a link to the assignment.


Click the assignment link, and the student’s assignment will open for you to review.


Review the student's document, and add any comments. When you are finished, save and close the document.

5. If the Grading entry method for the assignment is a rubric:

Enter a score in each row of the rubric. BrainHoney automatically calculates the grade, which displays in the Grade box.

If the Grading entry method is a letter grade:

Select the letter grade from the grade list.

If the Grading method is points or percentage:

Enter the points or percentage in the Grade box.


To send notes back to the student, click the Add notes button, and type your notes in the Notes box.


When you have completed grading the assignment, click Submit Grade.

Other Options:
If you are not yet ready to submit the grade, you may click Save for Later. Your changes will be saved, but nothing is sent to the student or posted in the Gradebook.
If you want to excuse this student from this assignment, click the Excuse button. This assignment will be excluded from the student's average.
If this assignment does not allow multiple submissions, you may override that option for this student and allow him or her to revise and turn in the assignment again by clicking the Allow Retry button. Any notes that you entered will be sent to the student. The current grade is kept until you modify it when the assignment is resubmitted to you.

Warning: If you click Close, no changes will be saved.