Excuse a Student from an Assignment (or Assessment)

Excuse a Student from an Assignment (or Assessment)

You may excuse a student from an assignment or assessment. This excludes the grade on the assignment or assessment from being calculated into the student's final grade.

All grading is performed in the Gradebook for the course.


To open the Gradebook for the course, click the Gradebook link at the top of the screen, and then select the course.


Click the grid in the Gradebook for the student and assignment or assessment. If the assignment has a Grading entry method of rubric or if the assignment was submitted online through a dropbox, the Grading Page displays.

If the Grading entry method is letter grade, points, or percentage, the grade box and the Details icon display (shown). Click the Details icon, and the Grading Page for the student displays.


Click the Excuse button.


The individual student grading page closes, and an X displays in the column to indicate that the student is excused from the grade.