Defining Letter Grades

Defining Letter Grades

BrainHoney enables you to define how letter grades are used in a course. You may determine the type of letter grade scale to use for the course (for example, A, B, C; A+, A, A-; or Pass/Fail), as well as customize the numerical score relationships for each grade scale.

To define letter grades, from the Syllabus menu, click the course number for which you want to define the letter grades.

Click the Course/Section Settings link, and then click the Gradebook tab.


To modify an existing grade scale, click to highlight the grade scale, then click Edit to open the Grade Scale window.


Specify the type (points, percent, class rank, or distribution) of scale upon which the grades will be based.

Specify the range for each letter grade, based on the type specified above. To add additional letters or symbols, click the Add button. Click OK.


Specify the default Grade Scale for the course. The course default is used to render the letter grades, unless this value is overridden for a particular gradable activity. The possible values in this list are defined by the Grade scales defined above. To add a new grade scale for this course, please follow the instructions in Step 2.