BrainHoney Features: Syllabus Page

Syllabus Page

Syllabus screen

The Syllabus displays the course objectives, course structure, and resource files. From this screen, if you have the appropriate permissions, you may add, delete, and modify content, as well as change course properties and gradebook settings.

Objectives Pane

Course objectives are used to measure learning outcomes. BrainHoney enables you to align lesson content, activities, and exam questions with objectives. This helps to ensure that objectives are presented, assessed, and mastered. 

You may want to...

Add objectives to a course
Assign objectives to course components
Align activities to state standards

Course Syllabus/Schedule Pane

Course Outline Tab. The Course Outline tab displays the course outline, and allows you to add, edit, reorder, or delete course items (if you have the appropriate rights). Course learning activities are grouped into Modules. These modules may be renamed and may display in your environment as "Weeks" or "Units", depending upon the options that were chosen when the course was created.

Course learning activities may be grouped further by adding folders to modules. You may assign objectives to these folders, for example, if you want to divide a module into lessons and assign a few module objectives to each lesson.

Use the Edit menu to modify the properties of or re-arrange the items in the Syllabus/Schedule window. You may also drag and drop the items to re-arrange them and double-click to modify them.

Grading Categories Tab. The Grading Categories tab allows you to add, edit, and delete Grading Categories, assign learning activities to Grading Categories, and change the weighting of the Grading Categories.

You may want to...

Change modify the course syllabus or grading categories:
Edit the course syllabus
Change the order of the syllabus
Change the title of a module
Add a folder to a module
Add a new module to a course
Modify grading categories or activities assigned to grading categories
Define letter grades

Set due dates and times for learning activities

Learn about learning activities that can be added to the course:
About instructional content in BrainHoney
About discussion boards
About assignments
About assessments

Resources Pane

The Resources pane allows you to upload  files as well as search for resources to add to the course. There are two primary types of resources that can be added:

Once the files have been uploaded to BrainHoney or you have located the web site through the Search feature, you may add them to the syllabus to be used by your students, such as documents that may be downloaded to read or worksheets to be completed, or as resources that will used by you and your teaching associates, such as lesson plans.

Add a document
Add teaching documents not visible to students
Search for a resource