Copy an Existing Course

Copy an Existing Course

When you copy an existing course, you copy all learning activities, activities, and assessments. You can choose whether or not your copy is linked to the original course. This means you can choose whether any changes made to the original course are replicated to your copy. Changes that you make to your copy will never impact the original course.

Note: You must have the appropriate user rights to copy a course. If this option is not available to you, please contact your system administrator.


From the Syllabus menu, click Teach a Course. The Teach a Course window displays.


Click the Copy Course button.


Courses that you have created recently display in the Recent Courses list. If the course to be copied displays in the list, click the course.

If the course that you want to copy does not display in that list, scroll down to the bottom of the list and click the Other Courses button to find other courses. The Find Courses window displays. Enter all of the course title (or part of the title followed by an asterisk) and click Find.


Select the course in the list, and click OK.


Enter the title and description of the new course.


Enter the term for the course. The term could be anything from a defined school semester to simple naming scheme to organize courses.


Choose an appropriate copy option to control whether updates from the source course flow to your new course:

Choose Derivative Sibling Copy to create a course for a new semester that is a copy a derivative course that already exists. The new sibling derivative will receive updates from the master course.

Choose Derivative Child Copy to create a derivative of your currently selected course. Choosing this option will create a course that is linked to the source course and receives all updates from that course.

Choose Static Copy to not receive updates from the source course into your new course.


Select the type of schedule for the course that you are creating:

If you select Traditional, specify the Start Date and End Date for the course. A Traditional course usually corresponds to a typical semester, and these are the dates that the student will have access to the course materials, so you may want to extend them a few days before and beyond the actual course dates.

If you select Continuous Enrollment, specify the number of days that the student should have access to the course materials. When you create enrollments in this course, the enrollment's end date defaults to today's date plus the number of days you specify here. A Continuous course is typically used for a self-paced course.

See Traditional vs. Continuous Enrollment Courses for more details.

Click Continue.


Review the options and click Submit. The course is created. At this point, you may add students and enroll students in your course, edit the course syllabus, or create another course or section.

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