Assign Objectives to Course Components

Assign Objectives to Course Components

Course objectives are used to measure learning outcomes. BrainHoney enables you to align lesson content, activities, and exam questions with objectives. This helps to ensure that objectives are presented, assessed, and mastered.

Objectives should be assigned first to the module level of the course. Then subsets of those objectives should be assigned to the individual course elements. Assigning objectives to course components is performed in the Syllabus window.

To assign objectives to course units or weeks:

In the Syllabus window, the course objectives display on the left in the Objectives window. Click and drag the objective into the target course module (such as week, module, or unit).

To assign objectives to course activities:

In the Syllabus window, if the properties window for the activity is not already open, click to highlight the activity and then from the Edit menu, click Selected Activity.

The objectives display in the lower left corner of the Activity Properties window. To refine the objectives, click to place a check mark in the Refine Objectives checkbox. The objectives associated with the unit are applied to this activity by default; however, in many cases, all of the objectives of a unit do not apply to every activity in a unit. If one of the objectives does not apply, click to remove the check mark.

If you want to add an objective, click the Add Objectives link to add objectives other than those associated with the unit.

When you are finished modifying the objectives, click Done.