Add Editable Content

Add Editable Content

To add text content to a course, you create an Editable Content activity, where you can add and format text, images, videos, hyperlinks, and attachments.

All content is added through the Syllabus window.


In the module of the Syllabus to which you want to add the text activity, click the Add button.


From the list, click Editable Content. The Editable Content box displays.


Type a title for the activity. This title will display in the Course Outline.


Type or paste the text into the Description box. Format as needed using the buttons on the toolbar. You may also add images and multimedia using the buttons on the toolbar. This is the content that will display in the Course Viewer.


Add an attachment, if necessary.


In the Visibility and Completion section, there are several options that you can choose for the file or website. You can decide whether or not you want teachers to see the file by allowing it to be visible in the table of contents. You can also similarly decide if you want students to be able to see the file. These options are checked by default.

You can also decide to restrict the visibility by the date or objective mastery. If either of these options are checked, you will need to define the date and/or objective set that will be required for the student to view the file.

You can also decide to set a password for the file. If you choose to specifiy a password, you will have to manually inform your students what the password for the file is.

In the Completion section, you can decide on the criteria that will determine whether or not the student has completed the file. There are several options in the drop down list to choose from:

  • Views this activity for a specified time
  • Marks this activity complete
Depending on your selection, you can specify a required number of minutes to view the file. You can also decide whether or not this file is optional to complete for the student.


All the objectives for this week are selected for this web site by default. Review the objectives to ensure that they apply to the web site. If any do not apply, click to place a check in the Refine Objectives box, and then remove the check from any objectives that do not apply.


If you need to manually alter the item ID for the file, then you can do so by clicking the Change Item ID link in the Placement and Navigation section. However, in general, you should never manually change the item ID.


Click Done. The Editable Content (text) item is added to the Syllabus.