Add a Rubric to an Assignment

Add a Rubric to an Assignment

A rubric is a set of criteria used to evaluate a gradable assignment. The rows of the rubric contain the criteria and the columns contain the standards. Following is a simple rubric:

Max score Criteria
25 Understands the concepts
25 Supports key points
25 Uses examples effectively
25 Submitted assignment on time

Rubrics are typically added when you create the assignment, but a rubric can also be added later by editing the assignment in the Syllabus window.


If the Edit Assignment window is not already open, go to the Syllabus window for the section, select the assignment in the Syllabus list, click Edit, and from the list, click Selected Activity.


In the Score entry drop down list, select Rubric and click Add rubric.


Click the Add row button to add the first row of the rubric.


Enter the highest possible score for the first criterion in the Max Score box for that row. Press the tab key and enter the criterion in the Description box. If you want to add multiple dimensions, click the Add Column button.

Note: You may also enter a 0 for Max Score in order to add a Rubric row requirement that can simply have feedback, but no numerical grade.


Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the rubric is complete. When you have finished, click the OK. button. The Rubric window will close.