Add a Folder to a Module

Add a Folder to a Module

Course learning activities are grouped by modules. They can be grouped further by adding folders to modules. You may assign objectives to these folders, for example, if you want to divide a module into lessons and assign a few module objectives to each lesson.

All changes to course structure are performed in the course Syllabus window. If you are not already in the course syllabus window, from the Syllabus menu, click the course to which you want to add the folders.


In the module to which you want to add the folder, from the Add menu, click Folder.


Add a title for the folder. This title will display in the Course Viewer.


All the objectives for this module are selected for this folder by default. Review the objectives to ensure that they apply to all of the learning activities that will be in this folder. If any do not apply, click to place a check in the Refine Objectives box, and then remove the check from any objectives that do not apply.


Click Done. The folder is added to the syllabus.

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