Add a Basic Ungraded Assignment

Add a Basic Ungraded Assignment

The Basic Ungraded Assignment enables you to give an assignment to your students, such as "Read Chapter 2 by Monday", along with the ability to assign a deadline. Because a Basic Ungraded Assignment is not graded, it will not display in the Gradebook.

All additions to the course are made in the Syllabus window.


In the section of the Syllabus to which you want to add the assignment, click the Add button, and click on Assignment. The Assignment box displays.


Enter a Title for the assignment. The Title will display in the student's course outline.


Enter a Description to display in the Course viewer


Add an attachment, if desired.


All the objectives for this section of the syllabus are selected for this activity by default. Review the objectives to ensure that they apply to the assignment. If any do not apply, click to place a check in the Refine Objectives box, and then remove the check from any objectives that do not apply.


Click to place a checkmark in the Due date and time checkbox and then click a date to select a due date for the assignment. The due date will prompt the student on the student’s home page as the date approaches.


Remember to uncheck the Add to gradebook checkbox to make the assignment an ungraded assignment.


Click Done.