Question Banks

You can use question banks to simplify the process of creating an assessment. You can access question banks within the current course you are editing, or you can access banks in external courses. To access question banks from the Assessment Editor, click on the Question Banks link on the right side of the screen.

To browse a question bank, open the Browse pane by clicking [Browse]. To search banks to which you are subscribed, open the Search pane by clicking [Search].

Search or Browse

Browsing a Question Bank

When you browse a bank, the entire bank with its associated questions is presented as a tree. By default, all banks in the course you are currently editing are displayed in the browse pane. You can expand any branch of the tree to view individual questions by clicking the plus icon next to a branch. Double-clicking any entry in the list adds the question or bank to the assessment you are editing. Clicking a list entry and then clicking the Preview link opens a preview window for that entry.

To access banks from another course, click More Banks. In the search window that appears, search for a course or leave the field empty to see what courses are already available for you to browse.

Question Bank

Searching a Question Bank

You can search any question bank to which you are subscribed. (See Subscriptions for more details.) Click the Search button to open a search form. At the top of the form is a list of subscribed-to sources that you can search. Upon selecting a source, that source's search form is displayed from which you can enter search criteria to find questions in that source.

For form fields that accept range values, entering both values will search items in between, and including, the two entered values. When the minimum value or maximum value are omitted, the search is performed without a minimum or maximum value, respectively.

Search Form

Click [Search] button to launch the search. In the search results pane, click any row to open a preview window for that row's question. Double-click any row to add the question to the assessment you are editing.

Question Preview

Importing Questions to a Question Bank

Additionally, questions can be imported from outside sources and put in an assessment. Once questions have been added to an assessment, they will then be available for use in future courses and assessments, accessible using the question bank feature. To import questions from another source, switch to the Advanced Question editor, click Import and select the appropriate file or zip. Supported formats include Angel, QTI Lite, IMS, as well as exporting for WebCT from ExamView.