Add Objectives to a Course

Add Objectives to a Course

Course learning objectives are used to measure learning outcomes. BrainHoney enables you to align lesson content, activities, and exam questions with objectives. This helps to ensure that objectives are presented, assessed, and mastered. You may add objectives manually, import objectives, or add objectives that have previously been loaded into the system.


On the Syllabus screen, click the Edit link. The Objectives window displays.

2. To add objectives manually:

Click the Add button. A row for the new objective is created. Type an ID for the objective, and add a description.

To import objectives:

Click the Import from File button. Click Browse... and select the file to import. Click Import. The new objectives are added to the list.

The import file must be either a tab-delimitted or comma-separated-values (CSV) text file. The first row should be a header row that identifies the columns. Available columns are: id, description, and group. Other columns are ignored. Note that comma-containing values in a CSV file must be enclosed in quotation marks (""). This is a sample tab-delimited file to import:
Import Objectives Sample

To import standard objectives:

Click the Import Standard Objectives button. Navigate through the outline, and click to place a checkmark beside the objectives that apply to the course. Note that if you place a checkmark at the folder level, all items within that folder are checked by default. When you have finished selecting objectives, click OK. The selected objectives are added to the list.


When you have finished typing, importing, or editing the objectives, click OK. The objectives are added to the Objectives window in the Syllabus.