Subscription Response
The Content Player HTTP POSTs a Subscription Request to an external Subscription Manager's (SM) web service URL to obtain permission to display the content to the end-user. The SM must respond with XML that conforms to the following format.
<response allow="boolean" [denialurl="string"] [denialmessage="string"]/>
responseallowSpecify true to allow access; otherwise false. If you do not recognize the user or content for which permission is requested, you must specify false to deny permission.

denialurlIf allow is false, the URL to redirect the user's browser to. If allow is false and you omit denialurl, the Content Player displays a generic "access denied" page. Typically, this URL should prompt the end-user to purchase or somehow gain access to the content.

denialmessageIf allow is false, a message to display on the generic "access denied" page. This attribute is ignored if you specify denialurl.
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