Submitting an Assignment Online

Submitting an Assignment With BrainHoney

There are two primary types of assignments that can be submitted online:

• Assigments for which a template has been provided
• Assignments for which you will either enter the information, attach a separate document or attach multiple documents.

All assignments are completed in the Course Viewer.


From the Home Page, under the course title, click the View link. The Course Viewer displays.


Click the folder to reveal the assignment in the Navigation pane. The instructions and the assignment toolbar display in the assignment panel.


Click the Open button.

If your instructor has provided a template for this assignment, you will be prompted to Save the assignment template to your local computer and open it in the appropriate software application, such as Microsoft Word. Complete the assignment and save your work to the computer.

To upload your assignment from your local computer to BrainHoney, click Save and then click Browse to select the location on your computer where the assignment or template is saved. If your assignment does not require an attached document, you may type (or Copy and Paste) your assignment directly into the Work window.


Click Save to save your work. If you have completed the assignment, click the Submit button to send it to your instructor.

If you return at a later date to submit your assignment, click the Open button to open the Work window, and click the Submit button.