Discussion Boards

Many teachers choose to include Discussion Boards in their course. Within a discussion board the entire class or a teacher-designated group can communicate through "threads" and "posts." A thread is a series of posts on a particular topic, and each post is an individual contribution to a conversation. Discussion board posts are often graded for completeness as they relate to a particular assignment.

Go to Discussion Board

Within a course syllabus, a discussion board is noted by an icon displaying two conversation bubbles. While viewing the course, click on the listed discussion board. The instructions and discussion board will load in the course content panel to the right.

Viewing the Discussion Board

There are various ways in which you can view a discussion board. One of the options you have is to view the board either in order by thread, author last name, author first name, or post date. When you display the discussion board by thread, every individual thread will be displayed in order of creation (first to last). If you select author, a list of discussion board contributors will show, along with the number of posts he or she has written. You can sort this list in alphabetical ascending or descending order. When you choose to view the discussion board by post date, a list of dates will appear along with how many posts were contributed to the board on those days. To expand threads or posts, simply click on the message you would like to view in entirety. If a thread or post has replies, a small arrow marker appears to the left of the message. You can also "expand all" threads and posts by clicking the plus-sign icon at the top of the discussion board. To "collapse all" click the minus-sign icon. To only see threads and posts which have been contributed since the last time you viewed the discussion board, check the "New only" checkbox.

Add a Thread or Post

To add a thread to the discussion board, simply click the "New Thread" button at the top of the discussion board. The message editor will then appear at the bottom of the discussion board. If you would like to add a post in reply to another thread or message, click the "Reply" link at the bottom right of the respective post. The message editor will then below this post.

Add a Title to the Post

Choose a title to add to the discussion board post. If the title is left blank, then BrainHoney will take the first 50 characters of the post, as a summary, to be the title.

Editing a Thread or Post

The message editor is much like a standard word processor. You are given font type, size, style, color, and alignment options, as well as the ability to add links, images, equations, bullets and numbering, and outside files. Once you are finished editing your message click the "Post" link at the top right. If you change your mind and don't want to publish a post, click "Cancel."

Your published post will appear like the above post. If you would like to go back and make changes to a post you contributed, simply click the "Edit" link at the bottom right of the post, and you will be brought back to the message editor.