Student Overview

The Student Guide helps students navigate through courses and complete course work, such as assignments and tests.

This table provides an overview of the topics inside the Student Guide. You will find corresponding topics along the menu to the left.

Home PageUpon logging in the student is brought to this page. Here, the student gets an overview of everything going on with their courses, including the Due Soon list, course links, and announcements.
CalendarThe calendar helps both the student and the teacher stay on track with course assignments, due dates, and grading schedules.
CoursesStudents can navigate through their individual courses to view content, as well as complete any assignments or tests that are assigned.
GradesStudents can view their overall grades for current and past courses, as well as view grades on individual assignments and tests.
CommunicationHere you will find information on contacting teachers through BrainHoney communication features.
Account SettingsTurn here for information on changing your password, uploading a picture, configuring email settings and more.