Account Settings

BrainHoney provides a variety of personalizable account settings. Account settings can be accessed, viewed, and edited from any screen by clicking on user's name in the upper right corner and selecting Personal Information.

Users are able to update their account information, change their password, add a picture and description, enable SMS text messaging, and more.

Contact Information

The alias name is the name by which the user will be known in the system. The email address specified (if enabled below) is used for email messages between students and teachers. Additionally, text messages can be enabled by entering the phone email address provided by the the phone's carrier.

For example, phones on the ATT network would use the email format:

Picture and Description

To add a personal touch to the BrainHoney account, add a picture and description. This picture will be displayed when making posts on a Discussion Board.

Change Password

Manually reset the password by entering a new password and clicking Save Changes. Note: The current password must be provided in order to set a new one.

Security Question

Specify a security question that can be used to verify the user's identify when accessing the forgotten password reset tool.

General Preferences

Adjust general preferences. The option for visual indicators alters dashboard lights to the following:

Content Ratings

If the user has permission to edit a course, they can also choose to make the advanced assesement editor their default editor. Users can still select the simple editor as needed.

Read more about the simple assessment editor here and the advanced assessment editor here.

Message Delivery Preferences

Specify the desired message delivery preferences. When events, such as other users sending messages or grades are changed, notification can be sent by either email, text message, or both.

Save Changes

Click Save Changes once the modifications are complete.