View Grades

View Grades

 Student Grades window

Cumulative Average and Percent Complete

The cumulative average is the grade for the course. If the categories (such as Major and Minor grades or Assignment and Exam grades) are weighted, this grade reflects that weighted average. The percent complete chart tells you the percentage of gradeable activities that have been completed. 

Links to Tools for Grade Estimation and Calculation

Example weighting scale

Link to View Learning Objective Mastery

While grades show you one aspect of the student's progress, you may also want to see which areas the student is mastering, and in which areas the student should seek additional help. To ensure that the student is staying on track and mastering the course content, click the Learning objective mastery link. This displays a screen which displays each of the course objectives and a chart to show you which objectives have been mastered to date, as well as additional links to view details on the course materials related to each objective. 

Points and Percentage by Category

The points and percentages by category figure shows the student is doing in each category. For example, for the example course shown below, there are three categories: 

Grades by category

The average grade for activities in the Assignments and Quizzes category is 97%, while the average grade for activities in the Projects category is 96%. 

To calculate the cumulative grade, each average is multiplied by its grade weight percentage (see the example Weighting Scale above) and these numbers will be added together. 

Gradeable Activities Listed by Category

Each activity is listed under its category, along with where it is located in the course. Double-click the activity to view additional details. For example, if the activity is a quiz, you may review the results (if the quiz is configured to allow this). 

Scores and Status

The scores and status of each activity display in the Score column: 

Submitted Submitted, pending grading. This icon displays once an assignment or an assessment has been submitted, but the grade has not been returned.
Grade Grade on the activity. A grade displays once the instructor has returned a submitted assignment or assessment and assigned a score. In some cases, this will display as soon as a quiz or test has been completed, but in other cases, instructors will return grades to all students at one time. 
Retry Retry allowed. If the instructor allows a retry attempt on an assessment (either quiz or exam) or assignment, the student may retry the test or resubmit the assignment, and the new grade will replace the grade that currently displays. (Note: Retry is different than retaking an assessment. Some assessments are configured to be retaken as many times as the student needs to review the materials. A Retry is given specifically by an instructor to a specific student for one additional attempt). 
Excused Excused from activity. An instructor may choose to excuse the student from turning in an assignment or taking an assessment. In this case, the student do not have to submit the assignment or assessment, and no grade will be averaged in to your cumulative score.