View Course Content

The Course Viewer displays the navigation pane on the left side of the screen and the course content, including learning activities, assignments, and assessments, on the right side of the screen. The navigation pane allows you to navigate through the course, as well as keep track of your progress and your grades. Click the folder icon to view the activities for that unit, week, or module.

The status of each activity displays to the right of the course item:

Submitted, pending grading: This icon displays once assignment or an assessment has been submitted, but the grade has not been returned.
Grade on the activity: A grade displays once the instructor has returned a submitted assignment or assessment and assigned a score.
Activity is completed (viewed for the minimum number of minutes): Each course activity has a minimum number of minutes that it must be viewed in order to be considered complete. This helps keep track of which activities have been viewed, and this checkmark also displays in the instructor's gradebook once it displays on the student's screen.
Retry allowed: If the instructor allows a retry attempt on an assessment (either quiz or exam) or assignment, the student may retry the test or resubmit the assignment, and the new grade will replace the grade that currently displays. (Note: Retry is different than retaking an assessment. Some assessments are configured to be retaken as many times as the student needs to review the materials. A Retry is given specifically by an instructor to a specific student for one additional attempt).
Excused from activity: An instructor may choose to excuse the student from turning in an assignment or taking an assessment. In this case, the student does not have to submit the assignment or assessment, and no grade will be averaged in to the cumulative score.