BrainHoney Features: Gradebook Page

Viewing the Gradebook

Gradebook Screen 

The BrainHoney Gradebook provides a rich set of tools to make grading student assignments and exams, providing feedback, and reviewing grades as easy as possible for you as the teacher.

From the gradebook, you can:

Enrolled Students

The list of enrolled students can be configured to display either only students who are actively enrolled or all students including those who are actively enrolled as well as those students are inactive or who have withdrawn from the course.

By default, the course average and the Pace scale of the students display next to their name. However, you may choose to view additional columns from the Configure menu. Scores equal to or above the Mastery Threshold as specified for this course display in green, while scores below the Mastery Threshold display in red. (Note: The Mastery Threshold is defined for the course in the Course Settings in the Syllabus window).

Click a student name to view a detailed Grade page for the student. The detailed Grade page is the Grade page that the students view.

Gradebook Grid

The Gradebook grid provides the teacher with a wealth of “at-a-glance” information. You can monitor student performance and learning activity completion, as well as view the amount of time that each student spent on each learning activity in the course. In addition, icons will inform you of students who have assignments or assessments that have been submitted and are pending grading.

Once a gradeable item has been submitted, it will display in the Gradebook. If an assessment has no essay questions, the score will display in the Gradebook grid. If the gradeable item is either an assessment with an essay question or an assignment submitted through the student dropbox, an "item submitted" icon displays in the grid cell. If the assignment is a basic graded assignment that is not submitted online, the gradebook grid cell will be empty until you enter the score.

The score will either display in red or green, depending upon the Mastery Threshold specified for the gradeable item. Grades above the Mastery Threshold display in green; grades below the Mastery Threshold display in red with an asterisk beside them. If no Mastery Threshold has been specified for this gradeable item, the Mastery Threshold for the course determines the display. Additional icons may display in the grid to indicate action either to be taken by the instructor or action that has already been taken by the instructor.

Following are the options (other than score) that may display in the Gradebook grid cell.

Item submitted pending grading Pending grading
Student is allowed to resubmit the assignment or assessment Retry allowed
Grade is excluded from the student's average Exclude from grade

The column headings are abbreviations of the learning activity titles. These abbreviations may be modified by editing the properties for the learning activity in the Syllabus window for the course.

You may want to...
Grade student assignments
Grade a discussion post

Configure Menu

The Configure menu allows you to control the display of the gradebook.

In the Gradebook, the columns on the left side of the grid display data that apply to the entire course for a student, while the columns on the right side of the grid display data specific to each learning activity.

Visible Columns...
The Visible Columns option on the Configure menu allows you to specify the columns that display on the left side of the Gradebook by the student name:

Name: Displays the student's name in the grid.
Score: Displays the student's cumulative average score.
Minutes: Displays the total number of minutes the student has spent on learning activities. 
Completed: Displays the percentage of learning activities that the student has completed.
Pace: Displays an indicator of the pace at which the student is progressing through the course
  • Green circle - Student has submitted all gradable items on time or less than 10% are past due
  • Yellow circle - Student has 10% or more of gradable items past due
  • Red circle - Student has 30% or more of gradable items past due
Start: Displays the first day that the student is actively enrolled in the class.
Points: Displays the total number of points to date.
Grade: Displays the letter grade for the course.
Reported: If the grade has been reported, displays the fnal grade reported for the student. If the grade has not been reported for a student, this column will be blank.
Performance: Performance is an overall measure of how the student is achieving in your courses:
  • Green circle - Student is performing above 10% of the minimum grade for the course
  • Yellow circle - Student has failed in 1 of their last five submissions or they are within 10% of failing the course
  • Red circle - Student has failed 2 of their last five submissions or they are failing the course
Status: Indicates whether the student is active or inactive.
End: Displays the last day that the student is actively enrolled in the class.

Score Display Options... The Score Display Options... allow you to specify how the data for each gradable activity should be displayed. The Student view displays the student performance as the student sees it on the Grades page. You may also customize your view, which allow you to view additional details for each learning activity:

The Minutes spent is a valuable tool to help monitor student performance. If a student is not spending any time -- or is spending a great deal of time -- and is getting a poor grade, this tool can help the teacher better determine ways to help the student.

Teachers can also choose to highlight late submissions in the gradebook by adjusting the score-display options.

Group by
The Group by option allows you to organize the display of the learning activities on the right side of the grid by either Course Outline or by Category. The default method is by Course Outline, which would group by the modules (or weeks or units) that you defined when you set up the course. If you have created categories for quizzes, assignments, and major tests, you may want to group by category to easily compare grades within the categories.

Show Non-Gradable Items
The Show Non-Gradeable Items option allows you to display or hide the Non-gradable items for a course. If you choose to view the Non-Gradable Items, a checkmark will display in the grid for items that the student has completed.

Note: The number of minutes for completion is specified when the learning activity is created in the Advanced options of the Activity Properties.

Show Inactive Students
The Show Inactive Students option allows you to display or hide students who are or were enrolled in the course, but are not currently active.

The Refresh option updates the gradebook grid with any items that may have been submitted. If you are waiting for a student to submit an item, you may want to click the Refresh option to ensure that the most recent additions to the gradebook are displaying.

Manage Enrollment

If you have administrative user permissions, you may Add or Drop students using the Add Student or Drop Student button. If you do not see this option on the button bar at the bottom of the screen, but need this ability, please contact your system administrator.

You may want to...
Add/Drop a student

Export Scores

The Export Scores button enables you to export the Gradebook in its current state to a comma delimited or comma separated file.

Import Scores

The Import Scores button enables you to import scores into the Gradebook using a comma delimited or comma separated file. See Import Scores.

Report Final Grades

The Report Final Grades button displays the Report Final Grades screen. On this screen, you may make final calculations on grades for the term, such as dropping the lowest grade or specifying a distribution for the grades. Once you have determined any final calculations, you may submit the final grades. These are generally the grades to be used by an external SIS server or for report cards.