Asynchronously executes the specified DLAP command. See BrainHoney DLAP API Guide for more information about DLAP commands. Because executeCommand is asynchronous, it returns before the DLAP command executes. You process command results, if any, in a callback method.
executeCommand(String command, Object params, Object options) : void
Executes the DLAP command GetManifest to get a course manifest for the course with ID '1234'.
FRAME_API.executeCommand("getmanifest", {
  entityid: '1234'
}, {
  callback: function(options, success, response) {
    if(success) {
      var xmlDoc = response.responseXML;
      // You can use any DOM selector or XML traversal mechanism here instead
      var nodes = xmlDoc.evaluate('//manifest/item/item', xmlDoc, null, 
                                  XPathResult.ANY_TYPE, null);
      var result = nodes.iterateNext();
      while(result) {
        var itemTitle = xmlDoc.evaluate('data/title', result, null, 
                                  XPathResult.ANY_TYPE, null).iterateNext();
        //TODO: Do something with the item or title
        result = nodes.iterateNext();
    else {
      alert('Error: ' + response.details[0].message);
Executes the DLAP command UpdateUsers, which requires some input XML data, using the HTTP POST method.

    FRAME_API.executeCommand("updateusers", null, {
        method: 'POST'
        // XML defined by the updateusers command. This XML updates the current user's e-mail address
        , xmlData: '<requests><user userid="' + FRAME_API.userId + '" email="" /></requests>'
        , callback: function(options, success, response) {
            // The response contains two "details" elements when calling updateusers: 1 for the outer <response>
            // and 1 for the inner <response>
            if (success && response.details[0].code == 'OK' && response.details[1].code == 'OK') {
                alert('Successfully changed e-mail address');
            else {
                alert('Error: ' + response.details[0].message);

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