The EditorResult object contains the results of editing a course item. It includes information such as what other editor data should be refreshed and whether certain item properties changed.
idStringID of the item after the edit.
affectedIdsString ArrayArray of strings where each string is the item ID of an item affected by the edited item. Typically, each ID is for a shortcut to an edited (master) item, but it may contain other items. For example, if a folder containing master items is deleted, then affectedIds contains IDs for shortcuts pointing to the nested master items.
cancelledBooleanIndicates whether the editor window was cancelled.
gradableBooleanIndicates whether the item is gradable after the edit.
oldParentIdStringID of the item’s parent before the edit.
parentIdStringID of the item’s parent after the edit.
refreshAllBooleanIndicates whether all content should be refreshed.
refreshAssetsBooleanIndicates whether content related to the course asset or resource list should be refreshed.
refreshCategoriesBooleanIndicates whether content related to grading categories should be refreshed.
refreshDatesBooleanIndicates whether content related to item dates, such as due dates and access dates, should be refreshed.
refreshModuleBooleanIndicates whether content related to the item’s parent module or folder should be refreshed.
refreshModuleObjectivesBooleanIndicates whether content releated to the item’s parent module or folder objectives should be refreshed.
refreshObjectivesBooleanIndicates whether content related to the course objective list should be refreshed.
seqStringSequence of the item after the edit.
titleStringTitle of the item after the edit.
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