The ComponentState object represents the state of a component, including its title and associated enrollment, course, and section. All properties are optional and may or may not be set by any given component or custom resource. Below are the properties supplied by most of the standard components. Besides the properties listed below, custom components can add any custom properties to the component state object to enable communication among custom components and frames.
enrollmentIdStringID of the current enrollment of the component.
courseIdStringID of the current course of the component.
sectionIdStringID of the current section of the component.
groupIdStringID of the current group of the component.
itemIdStringID of the current content item or activity of the component.
studentEnrollmentIdStringID of the student associated with the component. This will be different from enrollmentId if a teacher or administrator is viewing a component that gives details about a student.
helpTokenStringHelp token of the component.
pageTitleStringThe component title.
subTitle1StringThe component's first subtitle.
subTitle2StringThe component's second subtitle.
topHeaderStringThe ID of the top header to select when this component is the main content on the page.
subHeaderStringThe ID of the first-level sub header to select when this component is the main content on the page.
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