The CommandOptions object represents DLAP command options. You execute DLAP commands with the executeCommand method.
methodStringOptional string that is the HTTP method to use for the request. Defaults to "GET" if no parameters are being sent, and "POST" if parameters are being sent. Note that the method name is case-sensitive and should be all caps.
callbackFunctionOptional callbackHandler function to be called upon receipt of the HTTP response. The callback is called regardless of success or failure.
headersObjectOptional object containing request HTTP headers as name-value pairs; i.e. { 'some-header': 'value 1', 'another-header':'value 2'}.
scopeObjectOptional scope in which to execute the callback function.
timeoutNumberOptional number that is the timeout in milliseconds to be used for this request. Defaults to 30 seconds.
xmlDataXML DocumentOptional XML document to use for a POST. If specified in calls to executeCommand, xmlData is used instead of the params argument for the post data. Any params are appended to the URL.
See Also
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