Final Grades

As the term or semester comes to a close, teachers have the ability to report a final grade. Final grades should be reported once all assigments have been turned in and grading has been completed. Reporting a final grade allows students to see their overall result in the course, and will publish grades to each student's transcript.

Note: Once final grades have been reported, a column displaying the final grade will appear when exporting grades using the export scores feature.

Add Calculation

The Add Calculation feature allows the teacher to calculate final grades in a variety of ways. Teachers can experiment with different weighting system, dropping assignments or quizzes, and more before submitting a final grade.


Specify which items and assignments will be included in the calculation.


Make a last-minute change to the weighting categories. Here you can specify how many items of each category you'd like to drop.

Dropped Scores

Decided to drop the lowest 3 quizzes? No problem, simply edit how many low scores you would like to drop here.

Grade Scale

Change to another grade scale.