Display Options

Display Options

You may customize the display of the Gradebook to meet your teaching needs. From the Configure menu, the following options are available:

Visible Columns: enables you to view additional columns for items that apply to the entire course, such as total number of minutes spent viewing and completing course activities.
Visible Footers: enables you to view additional footers that apply, such as points possible, category, or due date.
Score Display Options: enables you to view additional columns for each activity, such as displaying grades as percentages or letter grades rather than points. You can also choose whether or not to highlight late submissions.
Group By: allows you to group the learning activities by Course Outline (such as Module 1, Module 2, etc.) or Category (such as Assignments, Exams, Projects, etc).
Show Category Totals: shows totals for each category.
Show Non-Gradable Items: shows all learning activities for the course: checkmarks display for completed non-gradable activities.
Show Inactive Enrollments: displays all students enrolled in the course, regardless of whether the end date of their enrollment has passed or they have been dropped from the class.