Preparing BrainHoney ToGo™ Installation Disks

If you author BrainHoney courses that have significant amounts of content, we recommend that you pre-package your courses and the BrainHoney ToGo installation onto disks and distribute them to your end-users before class starts. Pre-distribution eliminates network contention problems that occur when lots of students attempt to download entire courses. This document describes how to create these installation disks.

Installation Files

You use the following files when creating installation disks. You can download the files from

setup.exeBrainHoney ToGo setup program. Setup.exe is not included in the downloadable file; please contact Agilix to get the most recent installer.
BrainHoney.icoThe icon that appears in Windows Explorer when an end-user inserts the disk into the drive
autorun.infA setup information file that instructs Windows what program to run when an end-user inserts the disk into the drive
CopyMedia.exeA program that copies course files from the installation disks to the destination computer
SharpZipLib.dllA library that CopyMedia.exe depends on
CopyMedia.iniA configuration file for CopyMedia.exe
MediaA folder that contains the CopyMedia.exe program and its configuration files
WxRun.exeA program that runs the BrainHoney ToGo installation program and then runs CopyMedia.exe
WxRun.exe.iniA configuration file for WxRun.exe
<CourseFolder>One folder for each pre-loaded course. We recommend using short but descriptive folder names such as Eng1, Math2, or AlgA, to ensure path lengths on the destination computer do not exceed the Windows limits.
Disk Folder Structure

In the root folder of the installation disk, create these folders and files:

This is a sample root folder with four course folders:

CD Root Example

AutoRun.inf File

AutoRun.inf tells Windows what program to run when the end-user inserts the disk into the drive. This is a sample autorun.inf file:


If your media is a USB thumb drive, you can add this additional line to cause the standard Windows prompt to include the Install BrainHoney action:

ACTION=Install BrainHoney

The ACTION line causes Windows to add "Install BrainHoney" to its standard prompt as shown here:

CD Root Example

WxRun.exe.ini File

WxRun.exe.ini configures WxRun.exe. This sample WxRun.exe.ini verifies that there is 10GB of disk space before installing, it runs BrainHoney ToGo setup (Setup\setup.exe) using the Admin Windows account, and then it runs CopyMedia to copy the course folders:

DiskSpaceMessage=This installer requires at least 10 GB of disk space to complete successfully. Please remove unused files and folders on your hard drive to make room and try again.

You can adjust the DiskSpace option to be number of bytes required for your courses. If you do, adjust the DiskSpaceMessage option too.

The Parameters option for CopyMedia specifies the destination path for course folders. You can specify a rooted path, such as c:\courses, a path with environment variables, such as %USERPROFILE%\My Documents, or you can specify a relative path that CopyMedia appends to the standard Windows current-user application data folder. We recommend the relative path to ensure that the path exists and is writeable.

CopyMedia.ini File

CopyMedia.ini configures CopyMedia.exe and defines how folders copy to the target computer. The file must be in the same folder as CopyMedia.exe. For each course, you specify whether the end-user chooses to copy the course, or whether CopyMedia.exe copies it automatically. CopyMedia.ini consists of one or more lines in this format:

<DiskNumber>|<FolderName>|<DisplayName> OR Always

If you specify DisplayName, the end-user chooses whether to install the course. If you specify Always, then the end-user has no choice and CopyMedia.exe copies the folder. For example, if we have four course media folders that span two disks and one of those is always copied, the file might look like this:

1|Bio101|Biology 101
2|Chem101|Chemistry 101
2|Gov101|Government 101

In this example, the "Welcome" folder is always copied and the user is not given an option to install it. All other folders are presented to the user for choice.

The destination folder is specified in WxRun.exe.ini. You can override the destination folder for a particular folder by appending |<DestinationFolder> to the end of the line for that folder. This can be useful if you are copying folders other than courses to the end-users computer. This override destination folder also expands environment variables. For example:

1|Bio101|Biology 101
1|Extras|Always|%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Agilix\BrainHoney\Extras
2|Chem101|Chemistry 101
2|Gov101|Government 101
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