Customizing BrainHoney ToGo™

BrainHoney ToGo is an installable Microsoft Windows program that enables students who are occasionally connected to the Internet to participate in BrainHoney courses while they are either online or offline. The following section describes how you can customize BrainHoney ToGo.

Maximum File Upload Size

You can configure the maximum allowed file size for student submissions (exam attempts, e-mail messages, forum posts, and assignment submissions) from BrainHoney ToGo by creating the following registry setting. If present, the HKCU setting overrides the HKLM setting:

NOTE: The BrainHoney server also contains settings for controlling maximum allowed upload sizes. You can make BrainHoney ToGo more restrictive than the server, but allowing larger files in BrainHoney ToGo than the BrainHoney server allows is futile: the server rejects files that exceed the server-specified limits. Here is a link to the FAQs documentation which explains the default server maximum upload settings.