Overridable Strings

The following table lists the application strings that can be overriden for a domain in the <strings> customization tag.

NameEnglish Text
(Due: {0}) (Due: {0})
AbortTaskAbort Task
AccessDeniedAccess denied.
ActiveCoursesActive courses
ActiveCoursesAsOfActive Courses As of
ActiveUserOnlyActive user only
ActivityPacingNo activity for at least {0} days.
ActivityTitleActivity Title
Actor{0} {1} ({2})
ActualCourseIDActual Course ID
AdaPreferenceUse visual indicators in addition to color&lt;br/&gt;&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&lt;i&gt;(Applies to below-passing scores, dashboard lights, etc.)&lt;/i&gt;
AddAssetUpload File
AddAssignmentAdd assignment
AddAttachmentAdd attachment
AddCalculationCaptionAdd Calculation
AddCategoryAdd category
AddColumnAdd Column
AddCourseTaskCreate a new course
AddDocumentAdd Document
AddDropboxStudent dropbox
AddDualCourseTaskCreate a new external grader course
AddDueTimeAdd due time...
AddEditSectionsAdd/Edit Sections
AddEditStudentCaptionAdd/Edit Student
AddEnrollmentTaskEnroll a student or teacher in a course
AddFeedbackAdd feedback
AddFileAdd File
AddFolderAdd Folder
AddGroupAdd Group
AddGroupToSetGroup to Selected Group Set
AddingSameLinkTwiceA link to that question already exists in this assessment.
AddModuleAdd Module
AddNodeAdd activity
AddNotesAdd Notes
AddObjectiveAdd objective
AddObjectiveMapAdd Objective Map
AddObjectiveTitleAdd Objective
AddObservationAdd Observed Enrollment
AddObservationTextEnter the enrollment ID of the enrollment to observe:
AddObservedUsersAdd Observed User
AddObservedUsersTextEnter the observed user ID:
AddObserverAdd Observer
AddObserverInstructionsFind the user to add as an observer to this enrollment
AddPeerCommentsAdd Comments
AddPeriodAdd new grading period
AddPrivateAdd Notes
AddQuestionAdd Question
AddReportAdd Report
AddResponseAdd Response
AddressLineAddress Line {0}
AddRowAdd Row
AddRubricAdd rubric
AddSectionAdd Section
AddSectionsAdd Sections
AddSectionTaskCreate a new section
AddStudentAdd Student...
AddStudentCaptionAdd Student
AddStudentEnrollmentAdd Student Enrollment
AddStudentEnrollmentPromptThis operation will add a test student enrollment to this course. To remove it in the future, choose &quot;Remove Student Enrollment&quot; from this menu.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Do you want to create a test student enrollment now?
AddSubscriberAdd Subscriber
AddSubscriptionAdd Subscription
AddToGradebookAdd to gradebook
AddUserTaskCreate a new user
AddVariableAdd Variable
AdminEnrollmentYellowAt Risk
AdvancedEditorAdvanced Edit
AdvancedFormattingAdvanced Formatting (F2)
AdvancedFormattingTitleAdvanced Formatting
AdvancedItemLinkAdvanced layout tools
AdvancedOnlineCourseSettingsAdvanced Online Course Settings
AdvancedQueryLabelAdvanced query
AfterDueDate({0} after due date)
AfterLastAllowedDueDate({0} after last allowed due date)
AliasNameAlias Name
AliasNameLabelAlias name
AlignedToObjectiveAligned to objective:
AllAssignmentsAll Assignments
AllCompletionAutomatic when all items are complete
AllCoursesAll Courses
AllCriticalStudentsLink1-{0} of {1} students | More...
AllDatesAll Dates
AllDomainsSearch all domains
AllGroupsAll Groups
AllowAnotherSubmissionAllow Another Submission
AllowConferencingAllow conferencing:
AllowDeletePostAllow instructors to delete posts
AllowDeletePostTooltipBy checking this box, instructors will be able to delete messages.
AllowDuplicateEnrollmentAllow duplicate course enrollments
AllowEditPostAllow users to edit own posts
AllowEditPostTooltipBy checking this box, users will be able to edit their posted messages.
AllowLateRuleLate rule
AllowLateRuleDaysUse grace period (days)
AllowLateRuleHoursUse grace period (hours)
AllowLateRuleMinutesUse grace period (minutes)
AllowLateRuleNoLimitAlways allow late submissions
AllowLateSubmissionsAllow late submissions
AllowLateTooltipWhen checked, students may submit this item after the due date.
AllowMultipleCorrectAnswersAllow multiple correct answers
AllowNewThreadsAllow students to create new threads
AllowNewThreadsTooltipBy unchecking this box, students will only be able to reply to existing messages and will not be able to post new messages.
AllowPartialCreditAllow partial credit
AllowPeerReviewAllow peer review
AllowRetryAllow Retry
AllowRetryDisabledHelpStudent is allowed to resubmit this item
AllowRetryHelpReturn current score and notes to student and allow them to resubmit this item
AllowSaveAndContinueAllow save and continue
AllowSelfReviewAllow self review
AllowStudentPrintingAllow student to print
AllowWeightedCategoriesUse weighted categories
AllPeriodsAll Periods
AllSectionsAll Sections
AlreadyEnrolledYou are already enrolled in this course. Click to view the course.
AngelPackageANGEL export package
AnnouncementsView all announcements
AnswerCaseInsensitiveCase insensitive
AnswerChoiceAnswer choice
AnswerMathExpressionMath expression
AnswerMathExpressionExactexact match
AnswerMathExpressionFunctionalfunctionally equivalent
AnswerOrderAnswer Order
AnswerRegularExpressionRegular expression
AnswerRequiredAnswer is required
AnswerTypeAnswer Type
Application ErrorApplication Error
ApproximateNumberOfStudentsPerGroupApproximate number of students per group
AreYouSureAre You Sure?
AsOfAs of
AssembleDescriptionAlign objectives, add assignments, assessments, and activities.
AssembleTheCourseEdit Course Syllabus
AssessmentSettingsAssessment Settings
AssessmentTypeAssessment template
AssignDefaultPointsPoints (out of {0})
AssignmentNOfM{0} of {1} assignments
AsTestStudent(as Test Student)
AtLeastOneQuestionRequiredYou must define at least one question.
AtLeastOneResponseRequiredYou must define at least one response.
AtLeastOneResponseWithTextRequiredYou must define at least one non-empty response.
AttachmentAltMessage has attachments
AttachmentTooLargeThe attachment size ({0}) is larger than the allowed maximum.
AttemptingToJoinConferenceAttempting to join the conference...
AttemptLimitNumber of attempts
AttemptMinimumAttempt minimum
AttemptsLabelAttempts: {0}/{1}
Audio fileAudio file
AuthenticationPromptTitleAuthentication Required
AutoFillGradesFill Scores
AutoFillGradesHelpFill unscored entries with a common score
AutoFillLabelSpecify the score to assign to all unscored entries for this item.
AutoStartAuto start
Available CoursesAvailable Courses
AverageDisplay{0} of {1} average
AveragePostSizeAverage post size (words)
AverageRatingAverage: {0}
AverageReplySizeAverage reply size (words)
AverageScoreErrorUnable to calculate average system score. Details: {0}
AverageSystemScoreAverage system score
BadEndDateEnd date must be after start date
BadResponseBad response
BadTargetDateBad target date &#39;{0}&#39;
BaseDomainGUIDBase Domain GUID
BaseDomainIdBase Domain ID
BaseGuidBase GUID
BaseIdBase ID
BaseLoginPrefixBase Login Prefix
BaseReferenceBase External ID
BasicLTIParseXMLParse XML
BasicLTIXmlXML description
BasicLTIXmlTooltipInsert the XML description supplied by LTI tool provider and then click the [Parse XML] button. This will populate the LTI related fields with values provided in the XML.
BatchScoreAllBatch Score All
BatchScoreConfirmDialogBodyAfter saving, all submissions in the selected group will use the point value here.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Are you sure you want to do this?
BatchScoreConfirmDialogTitleConfirm Batch Score
BatchScoreDialogBodyEnter a score for all the submissions.
BatchScoreDialogTitleBatch Score
BbContentServerLinkbroken link
BelowThresholdLow scores
BelowThresholdDetailsThe following students currently have a failing score on this assignment.
BelowThresholdRowTooltipNumber of students who do not have a passing score on the assignment
BillingInformationBilling Information
BlackboardArchiveBlackboard&#174; archive (*.zip)
BlackboardPackageBlackboard&#174; archive package
BlackoutDateAddAdd Blackout Date
BlackoutDateDefaultUse Default Dates
BlackoutDateDeleteDelete Blackout Date
BlackoutDateInvalidText{0} is not a valid date - it must be in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
BlackoutDateNoDefaultDatesThere are no blackout dates defined.
BlackoutDateOverrideOverride Default Dates
BlackoutDatesBlackout Dates
BlackoutEndDateEnd Date
BlackoutStartDateStart Date
BlankFieldPositionBlank field position
BlogAddCommentAdd comment
BlogDateFormatl, d F Y H:i:s
BlogModifiedButNotSavedYou have modified the current post, but it is not yet saved. If you leave this view the changes will be lost.
BlogNoCommentsNo comments
BlogOneComment1 comment
BlogReadMoreRead More
BlogRetrievePostsRetrieving posts...
BlogTitlePlusCount{0} ({1})
BLTIDoneHeaderActivity Ended
BLTIDoneMessageThe external activity has completed.
BLTIDoneTitleExternal Activity Ended
BLTIErrorUnable to launch Basic LTI web-site address &#39;{0}&#39;. Details: {1}
BLTIErrorMessageError message from activity:
BLTIMissingOAuthFieldRequired OAuth field &#39;{0}&#39; has no value.
BLTISuccessMessageMessage from activity:
BrainHoney DLAP Server: {0}BrainHoney DLAP Server: {0}
BrainHoney Learning SystemBrainHoney Learning System
BrainHoney LoginBrainHoney Login
BrainHoneyExportBrainHoney export (*.zip)
BrainHoneyHomeBrainHoney Home
BrainHoneyMobileBrainHoney Mobile Edition
BrainHoneyPackageBrainHoney export package
BrainHoneyPlayerBrainHoney Player
BreadCrumbSep &gt;&gt;
BrokenAssetLinkThis item links to &#39;{0}&#39;, which no longer exists
BrokenAssetLinkCaptionBroken File Link
BrowseModeDialogTitleBrowse Mode
Bytes{0} Bytes
CalculatedFromRubricCalculated from rubric
CalculationTitleCalculation title
CalendarAddressCalendar Address
CalendarAddressInstructions&lt;p&gt;Some calendar providers, such as &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Google Calendar&lt;/a&gt; or &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Microsoft Office Outlook,&lt;/a&gt; can display Internet calendars like BrainHoney&#39;s! If you use such a provider, specify the following address in your provider&#39;s &quot;Add Calendar&quot; setup screens to see your up-to-date BrainHoney schedule in your provider&#39;s calendar.&lt;/p&gt;
CalendarAddressTip&lt;b&gt;Important:&lt;/b&gt; Don&#39;t use your calendar&#39;s simple Import feature, as that would be a one-time snapshot of your BrainHoney calendar. When working correctly, your provider calendar regularly syncs up with the BrainHoney calendar using the above address.
CalendarDayShortDate{0:ddd, MMMM dd}
CalendarDayShortDateYear{0:ddd, MMMM dd, yyyy}
CalendarMonthDayYear{0:MMMM dd, yyyy}
CalendarMonthYear{0:MMMM yyyy}
CalendarWeekYearWeek of {0:MMMM dd, yyyy}
CancelAnnouncementTextDo you want to cancel changes to this announcement?
CancelEditsQuestionYou are currently editing a post. Do you want to lose your edits? Click Yes to continue and lose your edits. Click No to cancel and edit your post.
CancelUserProfileChangesDo you want to cancel changes to your profile?
CanCloseWindowAfterConferenceLoadsAfter the conference loads you can close this window.
CanDropScoreScore can be dropped
CannotDeleteExternalResourceThe resource &#39;{0}&#39; is external to the course and may not be deleted.
CannotDeleteFinalGradesLastActiveColumnYou cannot delete the last active column.
CannotDeleteLastCategoryYou cannot delete the last category from the course.
CannoteDeleteSelectedConferencesYou cannot delete any of the selected conferences
CannotEditDueToPendingDeletionYou can not edit (or delete) a message that is currently being deleted or that is a descendant of a message currently being deleted.
CannotEditGoCourseCourses &#39;{0}&#39; was authored with GoCourse Player. This editor can only edit courses authored in the BrainHoney editor.
CannotEnrollYourselfYou cannot enroll yourself as a student in this course.
CannotMoveToDifferentCourseEnrollments can only be moved between different sections of the same course.
CannotPreviewFolderPlease choose a non-folder item to preview
CannotProxyAs Cannot proxy as user &#39;{0}&#39;. &lt;br /&gt;&lt;br /&gt;Possible solutions: &lt;br /&gt;&lt;br /&gt; 1. Ensure that the user is in your domain if you did not explicitly identify the user&#39;s domain &lt;br /&gt; 2. Check the spelling of the username or ID&lt;br /&gt; 3. Verify that you have rights to proxy as that user&lt;br /&gt;&lt;br /&gt;
CannotSaveBlankAssignmentYou cannot save a blank assignment.
CannotSubmitBlankAssignmentYou cannot submit a blank assignment.
CannotSubmitDueDateIsPastThe due date ({0}) for this assignment has passed. Submission is not allowed.
CannotUncheckFinalGradesLastActiveColumnYou cannot uncheck the last active column.
CannotUploadZeroLengthFileYou cannot upload an empty file!
CannotViewFolderHistoryPlease choose a non-folder item to view its history
CardNumberCard Number
CarrierInstructionsEnter your mobile number, including area code, and select your carrier from the list.
CatalogIsPublicCatalog is Public
CatalogPasswordCatalog Password
CatalogSettingsCatalog Settings
CatalogUsernameCatalog Username
CategoriesOnlyShow Categories Only
CategoryCompletionAutomatic when all items in this category are complete
CategoryNumCategory {0}
CategoryTotalColumnTooltipShow student totals for each category
CategoryTotalsCategory Totals
CategoryWithPoints{0} ({1} points)
CertificateHeader1This certifies that
CertificateHeader2has successfully completed the requirements for
CertificateHeaderCompletionDateCompleted on
CertificateHeaderIdCertificate ID
CertificateHeaderIssuedByIssued by
CertificateTitleCertificate of Completion
ChangeItemIdChange Item ID
ChangeMobilePasswordChange Mobile Password
ChangePwdChange Password
ChangeToGradableChange to gradable activity
CheckAllLinkCheck all
CheckAnswerCheck Answer
CheckForUnderstandingCheck for understanding
ChoiceLabelLowerlettersLowercase letters
ChoiceLabelRomansRoman numerals
ChoiceLabelUpperlettersUppercase letters
ChoiceScoreAnswer Score
ChooseACourseChoose a course
ChooseAddChoose [Add Row] to begin.
ChooseASharedCourseChoose a shared course
ChooseColumnsChoose columns...
ChooseColumnsTitleChoose Columns
ChooseCourseBeforeRecipsYou must choose a course before choosing recipients
ChooseCourseFileChoose Course File
ChooseCourseFirstYou must first choose a course
ChooseDueDateChoose the date and time that &#39;{0}&#39; is due
ChooseEmailRecipientsChoose recipients for this e-mail:
ChooseFileChoose File...
ChooseGoogleDocChoose Google Document...
ChooseLinkedItemChoose the course item to link to
ChooseObjectiveSetChoose Objective Set...
ChooseRecipientsLabelChoose specific recipients for this announcement:
ChooseResultsVisibleDateChoose the date and time results for &#39;{0}&#39; are visible
ChooseVisibleDateChoose the date and time that &#39;{0}&#39; is visible
ChooseWebSiteChoose Web Site...
ChooseWebSiteCaptionChoose Web Site
ClassRankDescription*Percentages indicate class rank (not score)
ClassStatisticsClass statistics
ClearAllClear All
ClearAllHelpClear all rubric scores.
ClearAllLinkClear all
ClearFilterReset search
ClearScoreHelpClear the score from this item.
Click Here to EnrollClick here to enroll
Click Here to ViewClick here to view
ClickHereToRetryClick here to retry.
ClickHereToSeeDashboardClick here to see the dashboard.
ClickOtherCoursesDescriptionClick &lt;i&gt;Other Courses&lt;/i&gt; to query all courses.
ClickToCreateConferenceTo create a conference, click [Create].
ClickToJoinClick to join {0}
ClickToRefreshClick to refresh
ClickToUploadClick continue to upload your file for parsing.
ClientGradedClient graded
CloseHelpClose without saving changes
Code1PerformanceAt least {0} of the last {1} scores are below passing
Code2PerformanceCurrently failing the course
Code3PerformanceAt least {0} of the last {1} scores is below passing
Code4PerformanceIn danger of failing the course
CollapseAllCollapse all
CollapseAllDescriptionHide additional information for all conferences
CollapseAllQuestionDetailHide additional information for all questions
ComingSoonComing Soon
CommaSeparatedFileComma-separated file (*.csv)
CommonTasksCommon Tasks
CommunicationFeaturesCommunication features
CommunicationsCenterCommunications Center
CompleteChildrenCompletes all contained activities
CompletedColonCompleted: {0} ({1}/{2})
CompletedColumnTooltipPercentage of the course that has been completed
CompleteExplicitMarks the activity complete
CompleteGradedReceives a score
CompleteMinutesViews this activity for a specified time
CompletePassingScoreAchieves a passing score on this activity
CompletePostSubmits a post to this activity
CompleteSubmissionSubmits this activity
CompletionTriggerMark as completed when the student
ComposeTextMessageAddressCompose Text Message Address
ConferenceDoesNotExistThat conference does not exist
ConferenceHasNotStartedThat conference has not yet started
ConferenceIsOverThat conference is over
ConferenceMinutesRequiredConference minutes is required
ConferenceNameHasInvalidCharactersThe conference name contains invalid characters. The following characters are not allowed in conference names: {0}
ConferenceNotCreatedOnConferenceServerThis conference has not been created on the conference server. Before you can join this conference it must be updated.
ConferenceServerConference server
ConferenceServerJoinGenericErrorThe conference server did not successfully respond to the join request.
ConferenceServerTypeConference server type
ConferenceServerTypeRequiredToTestConference server type is required to test the conference server
ConferenceServerURLConference server URL
ConferenceServerUrlRequiredToTestConference server URL is required to test the conference server
ConferenceStartDateRequiredConference start date is required
ConferenceStartTimeRequiredConference start time is required
ConferencingDisabledConferencing disabled
ConferencingDisabledGoToSetupConferencing is disabled for all courses that you teach. Would you like to go the the setup page to configure conferencing?
ConferencingNotEnabledForCourseConferencing is not enabled for that course
ConfigureDisplay Options
ConfirmAbortTaskAre you sure you want to abort the task &#39;{0}&#39; with ID &#39;{1}&#39;
ConfirmCancelConfirm Cancel
ConfirmCancelContentEditsNone of your changes will be saved. Are you sure you want to cancel?
ConfirmCancelEmailThis message will not be sent. Are you sure you want to cancel?
ConfirmCancelPeerReviewEditsNone of your changes will be saved. Are you sure you want to proceed?
ConfirmChangeToGradableCurrent changes will be saved. Are you sure you want to change this to a gradable activity?
ConfirmClearGroupsAre you sure you want to clear all group assignments?
ConfirmClearPictureAre you sure you want to clear your current profile picture?
ConfirmConvertV1CourseThis course was authored in GoCourse. Do you want to convert the copy to a BrainHoney course?
ConfirmDeleteConfirm Delete
ConfirmDeleteAnswersAnswer choices for this item will be deleted. This cannot be undone. Continue?
ConfirmDeleteAssetAre you sure you want to delete the file &#39;{0}&#39; from the course?
ConfirmDeleteAssetFolderAre you sure you want to delete the folder &#39;{0}&#39; and all of its content from the course?
ConfirmDeleteAttachmentAre you sure you want to delete the attachment &#39;{0}&#39; from this activity?
ConfirmDeleteCalculationAre you sure you want to delete the calculation &#39;{0}&#39;?
ConfirmDeleteCategoryAre you sure you want to delete the category &#39;{0}&#39; from the course?
ConfirmDeleteDropboxTemplateAre you sure you want to delete the dropbox template &#39;{0}&#39; from this activity?
ConfirmDeleteFileAre you sure you want to delete this file?
ConfirmDeleteGradeScaleAre you sure you want to delete the grade scale &#39;{0}&#39; from the course?
ConfirmDeleteGroupAre you sure you want to delete the group &#39;{0}&#39;?
ConfirmDeleteGroupSetAre you sure you want to delete the group set &#39;{0}&#39; and all of its groups?
ConfirmDeleteMasterItem1Deleting this item will also delete the 1 shortcut that refers to it. Are you sure you want to delete the activity &#39;{0}&#39; and its referring shortcut from the course?
ConfirmDeleteMasterItemNDeleting this item will also delete the {1} shortcuts that refer to it. Are you sure you want to delete the activity &#39;{0}&#39; and its referring shortcuts from the course?
ConfirmDeleteModuleAre you sure you want to delete the module &#39;{0}&#39; from the course?
ConfirmDeleteNodeAre you sure you want to delete the activity &#39;{0}&#39; from the course?
ConfirmDeleteObjectiveMapAre you sure you want to delete the selected learning objective map(s)?
ConfirmDeletePoolLinkAre you sure you want to delete this question-bank link?
ConfirmDeleteQuestionAre you sure you want to delete this question?
ConfirmDeleteQuestionLinkAre you sure you want to delete this question link?
ConfirmDeleteScaledScoreMappingDo you want to delete the mapping named &#39;{0}&#39;?
ConfirmDeleteTaskAre you sure you want to delete the task &#39;{0}&#39; with ID &#39;{1}&#39;
ConfirmDropQuestionAre you sure you want to drop student &#39;{0}&#39; from this course?
ConfirmEnrollmentConfirm Enrollment
ConfirmEnrollmentCourseYou will be enrolled in the course &quot;&lt;b&gt;{0}&lt;/b&gt;&quot;.
ConfirmEnrollmentCreditCardYour credit card will be charged &lt;b&gt;${0}&lt;/b&gt;
ConfirmEnrollmentQuestionAre you sure you want to enroll student &#39;{0}&#39; in this course?
ConfirmExpandAllMesagesInDetailsExpanding all messages to show details may take a while to complete. Are you sure you want to continue?
ConfirmFinalGradesReportedYou have successfully reported final grades for {0}
ConfirmFlunkAllUnsubmittedAre you sure that you want to flunk all unsubmitted?
ConfirmMoveDomainAre you sure you want to make the domain &#39;{0}&#39; (ID:{1}) a subdomain of &#39;{2}&#39; (ID:{3})?
ConfirmNDropQuestionAre you sure you want to drop these {0} students from this course?
ConfirmNEnrollmentQuestionAre you sure you want to enroll these {0} students in this course?
ConfirmOverwriteContentAre you sure you want to overwrite the existing content of &#39;{0}&#39;?
ConfirmPasswordConfirm password
ConfirmPreviewQuestionWindowCloseDo you want to close the existing preview window?
ConfirmRemoveConfirm Remove
ConfirmRestoreAre you sure you want to restore &#39;{0}&#39;?
ConfirmRestoreResourceAre you sure you want to restore this version?
ConfirmRestoreResourceNAre you sure you want to restore version {0}?
ConfirmReturnAllGradesAre you sure that you want to return all scores?
ConfirmRevertObjectivesAre you sure you want to revert to the default objectives?
ConfirmRevokeConfirm Revoke
ConfirmSaveAssignmentAre you sure that you want to submit this assignment?
ConfirmSaveLTIKeySecretSave Key and Secret?
ConfirmSaveLTIKeySecretQuestionDo you want to save the key and secret before request to preview the LTI content for this activity?
ConfirmSendToExternalYou should send &#39;{0}&#39; submissions to external graders only after all students have submitted. Are you sure you want to send them now?
ConfirmStopAcceptingAre you sure that you want to stop accepting submissions?
ConfirmSubmitAssignmentAre you sure that you want to submit this assignment?
ConfirmSubmitTestYour answers will now be uploaded for grading. Are you sure you want to submit?
ConfirmSubmitTestEmptyAnswersYou have not answered one or more questions. Are you sure you want to submit your answers for grading?
ConfirmTakeTestDo you want to start now?
ConnectionErrorMessageYou have lost your connection. Please log in again so that you can resume your last session and not lose your work.&lt;br/&gt;
ConsiderSharedCourseYou may want to consider using one of these existing courses that match your objectives, or click continue to start with a blank course.
ContactInformationContact Information
ContactInstructorContact instructor
ContentNotFoundThe content with ID &#39;{0}&#39; was not found.
ContentPreviewUnavailableThis item is unavailable for preview or cannot be found
ContentPreviewUnavailableTitleContent Unavailable for Preview
ContentStillLoadingThis content is taking a while to process. It will continue to process, so please check back here later for this content.
ContentUrlInstructionsSelect the URL below and either press Ctrl+C on your keyboard or right click and choose &quot;Copy&quot; from the menu to copy it to the clipboard
ContentUrlTitleContent URL
ContinuousEnrollmentContinuous enrollment
CookiesRequiredCookies Required
CookiesRequiredDetailsYou need to enable session cookies for &lt;b&gt;{0}&lt;/b&gt; in order to login.
CopyActionCopy Action
CopyCourseCopy Course
CopyCourseDescriptionCopy an existing course into a new course.
CopyingDotDotDotCopying ...
CopyLabel&lt;b&gt;Static Copy&lt;/b&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Make a new copy of the course and do not receive updates.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;i&gt;Use this option to create a copy that is not linked to the original course.&lt;/i&gt;
CopyOptionsLabelCopy Options
CopyrightCopyright &#169; 2007-2017 Agilix Labs, All Rights Reserved
CorrectAnswerIgnoreCase{0} Type: Ignore case
CorrectAnswerNumericRangeMin: {0}, Max: {1}
CorrectAnswerRegExpressionCorrect answers must match: {0}
CorrectAnswerSigDigits{0} Number of Significant figures: {1}
CorrectDisplay{0} of {1} correct
CorrectErrorFieldsYou must correct the fields in error before continuing.
CouldNotCreateConferenceServerErrorCould not create conference on the conferencing server: {0}
CouldNotLoadTheCourseCould not load the course
CouldNotLoadTheCourseItemCould not load the course item
CouldNotLoadTheGradebookCould not load the gradebook
CouldNotReadMetaFileCould not read meta file: {0}
Course CatalogBrowse course catalog and enroll in courses
Course Catalog TitleCourse Catalog
CourseAndSectionTitle{0} - {1}
CourseAssetsCourse Files
CourseBaseIdCourse Master ID
CourseContentAPIFrameCourse Content API Frame
CourseContentFrameCourse Content Frame
CourseCreatedCourse Created
CourseDoesNotAllowCopyThe selected course does not allow for any type of copying. Please choose a different course.
CourseDomainGuidCourse Domain GUID
CourseDomainIdCourse Domain ID
CourseEditorCourse Editor
CourseFilesNotSearchedTipNote: Course Files are not considered when searching for objective-aligned resources or specific instructional types (activity, asset, curriculum, etc.). To search Course Files, clear the &quot;Aligned to objective&quot; checkbox and specify &quot;Any&quot; for &quot;Of type.&quot;
CourseFilesOnlySearch course files only
CourseGradeViewLabelCourse grade viewed as:
CourseGuidCourse GUID
CourseIdCourse ID
COURSEIDDescriptionID of the current course
CourseIdentifierRequiredThe course must be identified with either the course id or external id.
CourseInformationCourse Settings
CourseLoginPrefixCourse Login Prefix
COURSENAMEDescriptionName or title of the current course
CourseOutlineCourse Outline
CoursePercentColHeaderCourse %
CoursePermissionsCourse Permissions
CoursePointsOrWeightCourse points or weight
CourseReferenceCourse External ID
COURSEREFERENCEDescriptionExternal ID of the current course
CourseReferenceLabelCourse external ID
CourseRequiredForConferenceYou must choose a course for your conference
CourseSchemaCourse Schema
CourseSearchLabelTitle or ID
CourseSectionSettingsCourse Settings
CourseSettingsCourse Settings
CourseSettingsCloseHelpDiscard any changes and close
CourseSettingsSaveHelpSave all changes and close
CourseStructureCourse Structure
CourseStructureInstructionsChoose a course structure that best meets your school&#39;s structure. You will be able to break the course down by grading periods on the next screen. You can always change the structure later.
CourseStylesheetLabelStylesheet to apply to course pages and content
CourseTitleCourse Title
CourseTitleLabelCourse title
CourseTypeCourse Type
CreateANewCourseFromScratchCreate a new, blank course.
CreateComplete&#39;{0}&#39; was successfully created.
CreateConferenceDescriptionCreate a new conference
CreateCourseCreate Course
CreateCourseTimeoutMessageTime out. The new course is still being created, please check the new course after the creation process is complete.
CreatedByCreated By
CreateFullIndexInclude course in subscriber search index
CreateNewStudentCreate a new student
CreatePasswordCreate Password
CreateStudentCreate Student
CreateStudentErrorUnable to create student. Details: {0} ({1})
CreationDateCreation Date
CreditCardCredit Card
CriticalStudentListCritical Student List
CurrentEnrollmentCurrent Enrollment
CurrentGoogleDocumentCurrently selected document
CurrentGradebookSettingsCurrent Gradebook Settings
CurrentItemModifiedYou have modified the current item, but it is not yet saved. If you leave this page the changes will be lost.
CurvedTocurved to
CurveScoresCurve Scores
CurveScoresLabelSpecify the score used to curve this item. The score specified becomes the new max score and all scores are scaled to that max score.
CurvingPivotPointCurving pivot point (%)
CustomActivityCustom Activity
CustomQuestionCustom Question
CustomQuestionDefinitionCustom Question Definition
CustomScoreViewSelect my own view
DailyActivityHeaderDaily Activity
DashboardDescriptionGet a quick overview of your instructors performance. Find problem areas and drill down into gradebooks.
DatabaseErrorThere was a database error while attempting to register.
Date submitted:Date submitted:
DateFormat{0:ddd MM/dd}
DateFormatWithYear{0:ddd MM/dd/yyyy}
DateSettingsDate settings
DateWithTime{0:ddd MM/dd} {0:t}
DateWithTimeAndYear{0:ddd MM/dd/yyyy} {0:t}
DaysHoursFormat{0} {1}
DaysMultiple{0} days
DaysOne1 day
DaysShort{0} d
DefaultGradeScaleCourse grade scale
DefaultObjectiveMapCourse Objectives
DefaultQuestionScoreDefault question score
DefaultRubricTextAssignment is on-time, complete, and correct.
DefineQuestionVariableDuplidateNameVariable with this name already exists. Please rename this variable.
DefineQuestionVariableListValueRequiredList value is required to define a variable.
DefineQuestionVariableRangeInvalidVariable value range is too wide. Please modify the min/max/step values to adjust the range.
DefineQuestionVariableRequireNameValid names must start with alpha characters and consist of only alphanumeric characters.
DefineQuestionVariableRequireTypeVariable type can only be either Range or List
DefineQuestionVariableRequireValueSpecify value in format of Min...Max,Step or as a comma separated list
DefineQuestionVariablInvalidMinMaxValueMin and Max values must be valid numbers and Min value must be less than Max value.
DefineQuestionVariablInvalidStepValueStep value must be positive number.
DeleteAndSaveSuccessSuccessfully deleted {0} and saved your progress
DeleteAnnouncementTextDo you want to delete this announcement?
DeleteAnswersCaptionDelete Answer Choices?
DeleteBlogCommentDelete comment
DeleteBlogCommentAreYouSureAre you sure you want to delete this comment?
DeleteBlogPostDelete post
DeleteBlogPostAreYouSureAre you sure you want to delete this post?
DeleteConferenceConfirmAre you sure that you want to delete the selected conferences?
DeleteConferenceDescriptionDelete the selected conferences
DeleteConferenceMustSelectFirstTo delete a conference you must first select at least one conference
DeleteContentDelete Content
DeleteContentTextDo you want to delete the selected files?
DeleteCourseMsgAre you sure you want to delete the course &#39;{0}&#39; ({1})?
DeletedItemDeleted item ({0})
DeleteDomainMappingMsgAre you sure you want to delete the mapping for the following hosts: {0}?
DeleteDomainMsgAre you sure you want to delete the domain &#39;{0}&#39;?
DeleteEnrollmentDelete User Enrollment
DeleteExpiredDelete Expired
DeleteExpiredAnnouncementsTextDo you want to delete all announcements whose end date is prior to today?
DeleteExpiredSuccessSuccessfully deleted {0} expired announcements.
DeleteGroupDelete Group
DeleteLastDelete Last
DeleteLastColumnDelete Last Column
DeleteLastRowDelete Last Row
DeleteMediaDelete Media
DeleteNodeDelete activity
DeleteObservationDelete Observed Enrollment
DeleteObservationTextAre you sure you want to remove the selected enrollment from observation?
DeletePermanentlyConfirmThis will delete {0} permanently and save your progress. Is this what you want to do?
DeleteSectionDelete Section
DeleteSectionMsgAre you sure you want to delete the section &#39;{0}&#39; ({1})?
DeleteSKUMsgAre you sure you want to delete this SKU?
DeleteSubscriberDelete Subscriber
DeleteSubscriptionDelete Subscription
DeleteTaskDelete Task
DeleteTemplateAreYouSureAre you sure that you want to delete the &#39;{0}&#39; template?
DeleteUserMsgAre you sure you want to delete the user &#39;{0} {1}&#39; ({2})?
DeleteVariableDelete Variable
DeletingAndSavingDeleting &quot;{0}&quot; and saving your progress...
DeletingAnnouncementTextDeleting announcement, please wait...
DeletingConferencesDeleting the selected conferences...
DeliveryEmailOrTextMessageRequiredYou must specify valid Email or Text messages for selected message delivery preferences.
DeliveryFailure Delivery of the message failed. Technical details: Your message was rejected by the recipient mail server with this error: {0}
DeliveryFailureBody {0} -----Original message----- To: {1} {2}
DeliveryFailureSubjectDelivery Status Notification (Failure)
DeliveryRequiredYou must choose either Email or Text message for &quot;Messages from others&quot;
DelObservedUsersDelete Observed User
DelObservedUsersTextAre you sure you want to remove the selected user from observation?
DenyDerivativeEditsPrevent content edits in derivative courses
DerivativeCopyLabel&lt;b&gt;Derivative Sibling Copy&lt;/b&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Make a copy of my course for next semester / term.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;i&gt;Use this option to create a copy that is linked to the master of the original course.&lt;/i&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;
DerivativeLabel&lt;b&gt;Derivative Child Copy&lt;/b&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Make a linked copy of the course and automatically receive updates.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;i&gt;Use this option to create a copy that is linked to the original course.&lt;/i&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;
DescriptionNDescription ({0})
DesiredNumberOfQuestionsDesired number of questions
Details1Details: {0}
DisableTaskDisable Task
DiscardChangesDiscard your changes?
DiscussionBoardDiscussion Board
DisplayChoicesDisplay student answers
DisplayCorrectChoicesDisplay correct choices
DisplayCorrectQuestionsDisplay correct questions
DisplayFeedbackDisplay feedback
DisplayFeedbackGroupDisplay feedback ({0})
DisplayingConferenceNofMDisplaying conferences {0} - {1} of {2}
DisplayLabelChoiceDisplay choice labels
DisplayPointsPossibleDisplay question score
DisplayQuestionsDisplay question results
DisplaysImmediately(This announcement displays immediately.)
DisplaysIndefinitely(This announcement displays indefinitely.)
DisplayWorkspaceDisplay workspace
DlapServerNameDlap Server
Domain Not FoundDomain Not Found!
DomainGuidDomain GUID
DomainIdDomain ID
DOMAINIDDescriptionID of the school or institution
DomainMapperFormatDomain: {0}
DomainNameDomain name
DOMAINNAMEDescriptionName of the school or institution
DomainNameRequiredDomain name is required!
DomainNameTitleDomain Name
DomainNotConfiguredForConferencingThis domain is not configured for conferencing
DomainPermissionsDomain Permissions
DomainReferenceDomain External ID
DomainSearchLabelName, login prefix or ID
DomainWideFieldDomain-wide (posted to descendent domains)
DomainXidDomain Extended ID
DoneAddAnotherDone, add another
DoneSavingDone saving
DotDotFilenameErrorFile names containing the character sequence &quot;..&quot; are invalid. Please rename the file before uploading it.
DownloadButtonDownload Now!
DownloadingStudentListGetting student list for &#39;{0}&#39;
DownloadLinkDownload BrainHoney ToGo for Windows
DownloadMessageIf you want the flexibility to teach or learn anywhere, anytime, or anyplace your lifestyle demands, get BrainHoney ToGo for Windows!
DragActivitiesHereAdd or drag activities here
DragObjectivesHereDrag objectives here
Drop1ScoreDrop {0} score
DropboxMultipleDocumentsMultiple documents
DropboxNotesOnlyNotes only
DropboxSCOCompletion and score set by content (SCO)
DropboxSingleDocumentSingle document
DropboxTemplateDocument template
DropboxTypeDropbox type
DropboxURLWeb address or URL
DropComplete&#39;{0}&#39; was successfully dropped.
DropErrorUnable to complete the drop. Details: {0}
DropHelpMultipleA total of {0} scores will be dropped after all items have been graded.
DropHelpOneOne score will be dropped after all items have been graded.
DropLowestScoresDrop lowest scores
DropNComplete{0} students were successfully dropped.
DropNScoresDrop {0} scores
DroppedScoresDropped Scores
DroppedScoresHelpEdit how many low scores to drop in each category:
DroppedScoresPerPeriodDropped Scores (per Period)
DropStudentDrop Student...
DropStudentCaptionDrop Student
DualGradedEnable external grading
DualGradedBaseCourseCourse to be externally graded
DualGradedCourseConfirmCreateExternal grading courses should only be created after the original course is complete and all required items are marked for external grading.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Are you sure you want to create an external grader course?
DualGradedCourseReferenceLabelNew course external ID
DualGradedCourseTitleLabelNew course title
DualGradedSampleSizeNumber of samples per assignment
DualGradedTooltipIf checked, this item will be graded externally when attached to an external grader course.
DualGradingAverageExternalScoreExternal average score
DualGradingAverageScoreActual average score
DualGradingCourseGradesStudent Course Grades
DualGradingDifferenceAverage difference
DualGradingExternalCourseTitleExternal title
DualGradingExternalDeltaExternal Δ
DualGradingExternalScoreExternal score
DualGradingExternalTeacherNameExternal teacher
DualGradingNoItemDataThe teacher has not yet submitted this item for external grading.
DualGradingNotFinishedGradingThere are not enough grades to show the details for this item.
DualGradingNotGradedNot yet graded
DualGradingSampleIndexSample {0}
DualGradingScoreActual score
DualGradingSummaryExternal Grading Summary
DualGradingTeacherNameActual teacher
Due: {0}Due: {0}
DueDateDue date
DueDateAndTimeDue date and time
DueDateRowTooltipDate when the assignment is due
DueDatesSkipContentSkip non-activity items when auto-generating due dates
DueInstructionsChoose the date and time that &#39;{0}&#39; is due
DueLateDue (late)
DueLate: {0}Due (late): {0}
DueSoonDue Soon
DuplicateUsernameThe username &#39;{0}&#39; has already been used.
DurationMoreThanOneYearStart date time and end date time may not be more than one year apart
EarlyStartDateConfirmationThe start date is earlier than today. If you save this conference it will not display on the conferencing page.{0}Are you sure that you want to do this?
EditableContentEditable Content
EditBlogPostEdit post
EditCalculationCaptionEdit Calculation
EditConferenceDescriptionEdit the selected conference
EditConferenceMustSelectFirstTo edit a conference you must first select one
EditCourseEdit Course
EditDomainEdit Domain
EditEnrollmentEdit Enrollment
EditFeedbackEdit Feedback
EditLikertScaleEdit Likert Scale
EditNotesEdit Notes
EditPeerCommentsEdit Comments
EditPermissionEdit Permissions
EditPrivateEdit Notes
EditRubricEdit rubric
EditRubricTitleEdit Rubric
EditSectionEdit Section
EditSubscriberEdit Subscriber
EditSubscriptionEdit Subscription
EditTemplateNotesEdit Template
EditUserEdit User
EditVariableEdit Variable
EditVariablesEdit Variables
EditWeightsHelpEdit the category weights:
ElluminateConnectionFailedUnable to connect to the Elluminate Live! Server ...
ElluminateCreateConferenceErrorError creating a conference on the Elluminate conference server: {0}
ElluminateCreateUserErrorError creating a user on the Elluminate conference server: {0}
ElluminateDeleteConferenceErrorError deleting a conference on the Elluminate conference server: {0}
ElluminateGetUserErrorError getting user information on the Elluminate conference server: {0}
ElluminateJoinConferenceErrorError joining a conference on the Elluminate conference server: {0}
ElluminateListSessionErrorError listing the elluminate conference session: {0}
ElluminatePingErrorError pinging the elluminate server: {0}
ElluminateSessionUserDisplayNameErrorInvalid characters in session user display name: {0}
ElluminateSetParticipantsErrorError setting conference participants on the Elluminate conference server: {0}
ElluminateUpdateConferenceErrorError updating a conference on the Elluminate conference server: {0}
ElluminateUpdateUserErrorError updating a user on the Elluminate conference server: {0}
EmailAllStudentsInSectionAll students in this class
EmailAllTeachersInSectionAll teachers and graders in this class
EmailEveryoneInSectionEverybody in this class
EmailFailedToSendFailed to send your message. Error message: {0}
EmailLoadinguserDataLoading user list. Please wait...
EmailRequiredEmail is required
EmailSendingSending your message. Please wait...
EmailToFieldIsEmptyErrorPlease fill out the To field to specify your message recipients.
EmptyAnswerTextClick here and type the answer
EmptyItemsToGrade.. items to grade
EmptyPoolInstructionsDrag question bank items here
EmptyQuestionInstructionsClick here to edit the question
EmptyQuestionTextClick here and start typing
EmptySubmittedDateErrorSubmitted date cannot be empty when submitted time has a value
EmptyTitleErrorPlease enter a title before continuing.
EnableGradingPeriodsUse Grading Periods
EnableTaskEnable Task
EncryptEncrypt course on student machine
end of dayend of day
EndColumnTooltipStudent enrollment end date
EndDateEnd Date
EndDateLabelEnd date
EndDateTimeNotOn15MinuteBoundaryEnd date time must fall on a 15 minute boundary
EnrollDescriptionAdd students to the course so that they appear in the gradebook.
EnrollmentComplete&#39;{0}&#39; was successfully enrolled.
EnrollmentCompletionEnrollment Completion
EnrollmentEndDateEnrollment End Date
EnrollmentErrorUnable to complete enrollment. Details: {0}
ENROLLMENTFIRSTDescriptionFirst name of the current enrollment user
EnrollmentFirstNameEnrollment First Name
EnrollmentFullNameEnrollment Full Name
EnrollmentGuidEnrollment GUID
EnrollmentIdEnrollment ID
ENROLLMENTIDDescriptionID of the current enrollment
EnrollmentIdentifierRequiredThe enrollment must be identified with either the enrollment id or external id.
EnrollmentImportNotesFor update and delete actions either the enrollment external id or the enrollment id is required.
ENROLLMENTLASTDescriptionLast name of the current enrollment user
EnrollmentLastNameEnrollment Last Name
EnrollmentNComplete{0} students were successfully enrolled.
EnrollmentReferenceEnrollment External ID
ENROLLMENTREFERENCEDescriptionExternal ID of the current enrollment user
EnrollmentsCSVEnrollments CSV
EnrollmentStatusEnrollment Status
EnrollmentStatusCompletedNoCreditCompleted (No credit)
EnrollmentStatusPreStartDateNot Started
EnrollmentStatusWithdrawnWithdrawn (No score)
EnrollmentStatusWithdrawnFailedWithdrawn (Failed)
ENROLLMENTUSERDescriptionFull name of the current enrollment user
EnrollmentUserNameEnrollment User Name
EnrollStudentsAdd/Enroll Students
EnrollUserEnroll User
EnterCourseTitleEnter Course Title
EnterFullViewFull View
EnterGroupSetNameEnter Name
EnterSearchCriteriaPlease enter some search criteria, and then try again.
EnterSectionTitleEnter Section Title
EntityIdEntity ID
EntityReferenceEntity External ID
EntityTitleEntity Title
EntryTypeLetterLetter grade
EntryTypePercentPercent (%)
EquationEntryFrameEquation Entry Frame
ERROR: Urecognized html header.ERROR: Unrecognized html header.
ErrorDeleteFrozenGradeScaleYou cannot delete grade table &#39;{0}&#39; because it is frozen.
ErrorDeletingAnnouncementError deleting announcement!
ErrorDuplicateGradeScaleGrade scales may not contain multiple mappings for any single grade.
ErrorEmptyGradeScaleYou must supply at least two grade scale entries.
ErrorEmptyGradeScaleNameYou must supply a valid name for this grade scale.
ErrorGradeScaleModifiedThe existing grade table has been modified since you began editing this grade calculation. You must close and then re-open the calculation editor to proceed.
ErrorIdError ID
ErrorIncorrectAnswerIncorrect answer
ErrorInvalidCredentialsInvalid username or password
ErrorInvalidPasswordInvalid password. Check your password and try again.
ErrorLine1The application has experienced an unexpected error.
ErrorLine2The error has been logged so that we can fix it.
ErrorLine3If this error persists please contact your system administrator.
ErrorLoadingAnnouncementDetailError loading announcement detail!
ErrorLoadingAnnouncementsError loading announcements!
ErrorLoadingExamDataUnable to load data.
ErrorLoadingItemsDueSoonError loading items due soon!
ErrorLoadingMessageUnable to load message :{0}
ErrorNoEmailAddressYour account has no e-mail address, so the password may not be reset. Please have your administrator reset your password or configure an e-mail address for your account.
ErrorNoGradeTablesYou must define at least one grade table before you can edit grade calculations.
ErrorNoSecurityQuestionSpecifiedNo security question is specified. Please talk to your administrator to specify security question/answer for your account.
ErrorNoUsernamePlease enter a username.
ErrorOutOfOrderGradeScaleThe mappings for this type of grade scale must be in order from highest to lowest.
ErrorOver100PercentGradeScaleThe sum of the mappings ({0}%) must be 100% or less.
ErrorPostingAnnouncementError posting announcement!
ErrorPostingUserProfileError posting profile changes!&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Details: {0}
ErrorSavingError Saving!
ErrorSavingExceptionThere was an error while sending saving request. {0}
ErrorTypeChangeEndDatechanging the target end date
ErrorTypeCopyingItemscopying items
ErrorTypeDeletingAssetsdeleting files
ErrorTypeExcludeOrIncludeincluding/excluding questions
ErrorTypeInvalidAssetFileInvalid file
ErrorTypeLoadingDashboardloading the dashboard
ErrorTypeMarkEnrollmentCompletemarking enrollment complete
ErrorTypeRefreshingToDoListrefreshing the to do list
ErrorTypeRefreshSummaryListrefreshing summary list
ErrorTypeReportingFinalGradereporting final grade
ErrorTypeUploadingAssetsuploading files
ErrorUnableToRetrieveUserInfoUnable to retrieve information for this user
EssayBoxHeightEssay box height
EssayQuestionEssay Question
EveryoneHintEverybody in this class
EveryoneInSectionEveryone in {0}
EveryoneInTheSectionEveryone in the section
ExamAttemptsExceededYou cannot start because you have already submitted the allowed number of attempts.
ExamBankQuestion Banks
ExamBankFindMore Banks
ExamBankFindInstructionsFind a course that contains more question banks
ExamBankIndexQuestion Bank {0}
ExamBankLinksQuestion Banks
ExamBankLoadErrorUnable to get question bank data from the server. Details: {0} ({1})
ExamFlagsAssessment flags
ExamNoLongerStudentYou must currently be enrolled in this course to continue.
ExamNotActiveYou cannot start because your enrollment is not active.
ExamNotStudentYou must be enrolled as a student (non-auditor) to continue.
ExamPastDueYou cannot start because the due date ({0}) has passed.
ExamPlayerTitleExam Player
ExamPreferenceUse advanced assessment editor for new assessments
ExamSummaryTitleQuestion Summary
ExcludeQuestionIf question {0} is not valid, click {1}here{2} to remove it from the score.
ExcludeQuestionConfirmationAre you sure that you want to exclude question {0} from the score?
ExcludeQuestionsExclude questions
ExcusedFromItemYou have been excused from this item
ExcusedResubmissionAllowedYou have been excused from this item; re-submission is allowed
ExcuseHelpExcuse student from this item
ExcuseUnscoredExcuse All Unscored Items
ExitFullViewExit Full View
ExpandAllExpand all
ExpandAllDescriptionShow additional information for all conferences
ExpandAllQuestionDetailShow additional information for all questions
ExpandZipTextDo you want to expand the contents of this file?
ExpirationDateExpiration Date
ExportCourseExport Course
ExportFailureMessageUnknown error exporting the course!
ExportGradesExport Scores
ExportMessageCreating export package for &#39;{0}&#39;.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;This may take several minutes.
ExportSuccessMessageThe course export package has been successfully created.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Your download should begin momentarily.
ExternalCourseIDsExternal Grading Course IDs
ExtraCreditExtra credit
ExtraNExtra {0}
FailedItemsFailed Items
FailedLoadingGradeDetailsFailed to load the score details.
FailedLoadingRubricFailed to load the rubric.
FailedLoadingSummaryFailed to load the summary list:{0}
FailedRecipients Delivery to the following &quot;recipient(s)&quot; failed: {0} Technical details: Your message was rejected by the recipient mail server with this error: {1}
FailedRequestfailed request
FailedSettingTargetDateUnable to set target end date. Details: {0}
FailedToConnectToTheConferenceServerFailed to connect to the conference server:
FailedToJoinConferenceFailed to join the conference! {0}
FailedToLoadConferenceListFailed to load the conference list:{0}
FailedToLoadItemFailed to load course content. (status:{0}, url:{1})
FailedToLoadPeerReviewListFailed to load peer review list.
FailedToLoadSetupFailed to load the setup information:{0}
FailedToSaveSetupFailed to save your changes! {0}
FailureDeletingConferencesFailed to delete the conferences! {0}
FailureGettingStudentListFailed to get the student list! {0}
FailureSavingConferenceFailed to save the conference! {0}
FailureTestingTheConferenceServerFailure testing the conference server:
FeedbackReceivedThank you. Your feedback has been received.
FileFormatFile Format
FileNameLabelFile name
FileOrWebSiteFile or Web Site
FileSendErrorUnable to send file
FileSizeSize (Bytes)
FileTypeFile type
FillInTheBlankFill in the blank
FillInTheBlankQuestionFill in the Blank Question
FilterObjectivesFilter objectives
FinalExamFinal Exam
FinalGradeFinal Grade
FinalGradeForSubmissionFinal Grade for Submission
FinalGradesFinal Grades
FinalGradesSubmittedOnThese grades were submitted on {0}.
FinalGradeTooltipFinal grade
FindAnnouncementsFind Announcements
FindAnnouncementsTextView announcements modified in the:
FindCourseFind Course
FindCourseEnrollFind the course to enroll a user in.
FindCourseFileChoose an existing course file
FindCourseForSectionFind the course for the new section
FindCoursePermissionsFind the course to grant permissions to.
FindCourseReportFind the course to run this report on:
FindCoursesFind Courses
FindCourseSubscribeeFind and select a course to subscribe to
FindCourseTaskFind a course
FindDomainFind Domain
FindDomainInstructionsFind a domain.
FindDomainMoveFind the domain to move &#39;{0}&#39; to.
FindDomainPermissionsFind the domain to grant permissions to.
FindDomainReportFind the domain to run this report on:
FindDomainsFind Domains
FindDomainSubscribeeFind and select a domain to subscribe to
FindDomainSubscriberForCourseFind and select domains to subscribe to this course
FindDomainSubscriberForDomainFind and select domains to subscribe to this domain
FindGradebookFind Course
FindGradebookDualGradingFind the course to be externally graded.
FindGradebookEnrollmentFind the course to enroll in.
FindSectionFind Section
FindSectionCatalogFind the sections to add to the catalog.
FindSectionEnrollFind the section to enroll a user in.
FindSectionEnrollmentFind the section to enroll in.
FindSectionReportFind the section to run this report on:
FindSectionsFind Sections
FindSectionTaskFind a section
FindSKUsFind SKUs
FindTheCourseToUseFind the course to use
FindUserFind User
FindUserEnrollmentFind the user to enroll.
FindUserPermissionsFind the user to grant permissions to.
FindUserReportFind the user to run this report on:
FindUsersFind Users
FindUserSubscriberForCourseFind and select users to subscribe to this course
FindUserSubscriberForDomainFind and select users to subscribe to this domain
FindUserTaskFind a user
FinishedUploadingToServerFinished uploading your file to the server
FirstAndLastName{0} {1}
FirstAndLastNameAndAlias{0} {1} ({2})
FirstAndLastNameColumnFirst and Last Name
FirstAndLastNameGradebook{1}, {0}
FirstNameFirst Name
FirstNameOrLastNameFirst name or last name
FirstNameRequiredFirst name is required
FirstPageFirst Page
FitContentFit content to available height and width
FixDisplayOrderMaintain display order or not
FixResponseLocationFix response order
FlagDerivativeEditsShow indicator for edited content in derivative courses
FlagsNotAllowEditFlags cannot be edited
FlunkPastDueAssign zero scores automatically to content past the due date
FlunkPastDueTipCheck this to automatically give zero score to unsubmitted gradable items after the items become past due including any specified grace period exception.
FlunkUnsubmittedFlunk Unsubmitted
ForcePassingOrCompletedStudent must complete before continuing
Forgot PasswordForgot Password?
FormatFormat: {0}
FormativeActionTextYou have demonstrated mastery of some of the learning material in this course.&lt;br /&gt;&lt;br /&gt;You have been excused from these items and they have been hidden.&lt;br /&gt;&lt;br /&gt;To view excused items, select the &lt;i&gt;Show excused items&lt;/i&gt; option from the Display Options above the course outline.
FormativeAssessmentFormative assessment
FormativeAssessmentTitleFormative Assessment
FormativeCoverageFormative Coverage
FormativeMasteryFormative Mastery
FormatLabelFormat: {0}
ForumCanNavigateAwayMessageYou are currently editing a post. To cancel the post click OK. To continue editing the post click Cancel.
ForumCanNavigateAwayMessage2You are currently editing a post - data you have entered will not be saved.
ForumDateFormatn/j/Y g:i A
ForumGradeForum Grade
ForumNoGroupYou are not enrolled in any groups. Please talk to your instructor.
ForumPostEdited - Edited({0})
ForwardNavigationHide question &quot;back&quot; button
FreeFormOnlyFree form only
FrequencyOfGradesFrequency of Grades
FrequencyOfScoresFrequency of Scores
FtpAssetsUsing any FTP program, you can upload multiple files directly to &#39;{4}&#39; at the FTP address &lt;span style=&#39;white-space:nowrap&#39;&gt; &lt;b&gt;{0}{1}&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/span&gt; with user name &lt;b&gt;{2}/{3}&lt;/b&gt;.
FtpAssetsPlainManage course files at &#39;{0}{1}&#39; with user name &#39;{2}/{3}&#39;.
FtpCaptionFTP Instructions
FtpContentManage content files at {0}{1} with user name {2}/{3}.
FtpQuestionMediaBatch upload media files at &#39;{0}{1}&#39; with user name &#39;{2}/{3}&#39;.
FullCreditFull Credit
FullCreditHelpThe assignment met all requirements. Set the score to full credit.
FunctionalEquivalentFunctional equivalent
FunctionNotAvailableAllSectionsThis function is not available when viewing all sections
GeneralPreferencesGeneral Preferences
GenerateGroupsGenerate Groups
GetContentUrlCopy URL for this content to the clipboard
GiveQuestionFeedbackFlag question as problematic
GlobalGroupSetClass Groups
GoogleChooseDocChoose Google Document
GoogleDocumentGoogle Document
GoogleErrorAuthorizeError Authorizing
GoogleSelectDocumentSelect a document
GotoAdvancedExamWarningAfter saving these questions in advanced mode, you will no longer be able to use this editor for these questions.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Are you sure you want to convert these questions to advanced editing mode?
GracePeriodGrace period
GracePeriodDay1 day
GracePeriodDays{0} days
GracePeriodHour1 hour
GracePeriodHours{0} hours
GracePeriodMinute1 minute
GracePeriodMinutes{0} minutes
GradableCompletionAutomatic when all gradable items are complete
GradeAssignmentsGrade Assignments
Gradebook SetupGradebook Setup
GradebookForMoveFind the course to move the enrollment to
GradebookInformationGradebook Information
GradebookSaveErrorError saving gradebook setup:
GradebookSettingsGradebook Settings
GradebookSetupTitleGradebook Setup
GradeCalculationsGrade Calculations
GradeChangeNotificationsGrade change notifications
GradeColumnTooltipCurrent course grade
GradeDistributionGrade Distribution
GradeExamsGrade Exams
GradeFlagsGrade flags
GradeForumsGrade Forums
GradeInputTableInput table
GradeMatrixCompletedTotalTitleTotal completed
GradeMatrixGradeAverageTitleAverage grade
GradeMatrixMinutesAverageTitleAverage minutes spent
GradeMatrixMinutesTotalTitleTotal minutes spent
GradeMatrixPointsAverageTitleAverage points
GradeMatrixRawPointsAverageTitleAverage raw points
GradeMatrixScoreAverageTitleAverage score
GradeScaleGrade scale
GradeScaleAboveDistributionText% of students
GradeScaleAboveTextor above
GradeScaleBelowTextanything lower
GradeScalePercentilePercentile (class rank)
GradeScaleRequiredToEditFinalGradeCalculationYou must have at least one grade scale to add or edit final grade calculations
GradeScalesGrade Scales
GradeScaleTitleGrade Scale
GradesForDetails for &#39;{0}&#39;
GradesForNGDetails for
GradeUnsavedDontLeaveThe grading for this item has unsaved changes - if you continue you will lose these changes.&lt;br/&gt;Do you want to continue and lose your changes?
Grading category:Grading category:
Grading period:Grading period:
GradingCategoriesHeaderGrading Categories
GradingCategoryTitleGrading Category
GradingCriteriaForGrading criteria for &#39;{0}&#39;
GradingForGrading for &#39;{0}&#39; - {1}
GradingPeriodTitleGrading Period
GradingPoliciesGrading Policies
GrantDomainPermissionsGrant Domain Permissions
GrantPermissionGrant Permission
GreenPacingOn schedule
GreenPerformanceCurrently passing the course
GreenResponsivenessTasks are being processed in a timely manner
GreenRollupCompletionMost students are completing the course
GreenRollupPacingMost students are on schedule
GreenRollupPerformanceMost students have passing scores
GroupAssignmentGroup Assignment
GroupByGroup by
GroupByCourseGroup by course
GroupByDateGroup by date
GroupByMenuGroup By
GroupCreationGroup Creation
GroupedSubmissionsGrouped Submissions
GroupFilterMenuGroup filter...
GroupFilterTitleGroup Filter
GroupIdGroup ID
GroupNameGroup name
GroupOverridePriorityGroup override priority
GroupPrefixLabelGroup prefix
GroupSetGroup Set
GroupSetNameGroup set name
GroupSettingsGroup Settings
GroupSettingsLabelApply settings to
GroupSetToUseStudent grouping
GroupSetupGroup Setup
GroupSetupFrameGroup Setup Frame
GroupsParticipatedGroups participated in
GroupSubmissionFailRetrieveRubricDataFailed to retrieve the rubric associated with this question.
GroupSubmissionHasEmptyScoreWarningPlease make sure all the score fields have score.
GroupSubmissionHasEmptyScoreWarningBatchScorePlease enter a valid score for all the submissions.
GroupSubmissionHasNoDataSaveNo score change that needs to be saved.
GroupSubmissionNoStudentResponsesNo student responses to questions other than pool, composite or custom questions are found.
GroupSubmissionPostGradeFailureFailed to save score data.
GroupSubmissionPostGradeSuccessScores are updated successfully.
GroupUnknownUnknown Group ({0})
HeaderRowHeader Row
HeterogeneousByPerformanceHeterogeneous by performance
HeterogeneousByPerformance1stQ3rdQ2ndQ4thQHeterogeneous by performance- 1st Q/3rd Q; 2nd Q/4th Q
HeterogeneousByPerformanceTopBottomHeterogeneous by performance- Top/Bottom
HiddenDownloadFrameHidden Download Frame
HideAllObjectiveMapsHide all
HideAllObjectiveMapsFromStudentHide all from student
HideEmailPreferenceHide my email address from external web sites
HideExcusedItemsHide excused items
HideFeedbackHide Feedback
HideFullNamePreferenceHide my name from external web sites
HideLessonDetailsHide Lesson Details
HighlightLateSubmissionsHighlight late submissions
HighScoreHigh score
HistoryForHistory for &#39;{0}&#39;
HistoryNewNew Value
HistoryNotAvailableHistory is available only for course resources. &#39;{0}&#39; is an external resource and not part of the course.
HistoryOfHistory of &#39;{0}&#39;
HistoryOldOld Value
HomeworkGroupSettingsQuestion Group Settings
HomeworkSettingsHomework Settings
HomogeneousByPerformanceHomogeneous by performance
HoursMinutesFormat{0} {1}
HoursMultiple{0} hours
HoursOne1 hour
HoursShort{0} h
IdChangeWarningAre you sure you want to change this item&#39;s id from &#39;{0}&#39; to &#39;{1}&#39;? If this course is already being used, some data may be lost or the course may become unstable.
IdDuplicateAn ID cannot be the same as another ID in the same course
IdentifierMatchesMultipleEnrollmentsIdentifier matches multiple enrollments.
IdentifierMatchesNoEnrollmentsIdentifier matches no enrollments.
IdInvalidCharacterAn ID may contain only letters A-Z, digits 0-9 and underscores.
IdTooLongAn ID must be between 1 and 25 characters
IfOutsideTheUSIf outside the U.S.
IfProblemClickToJoinConferenceIf the conference does not begin downloading shortly, click {0}here{1}.
IfWithinTheUSIf within the U.S.
ImportACourseImport Course
ImportCompleteImport Complete
ImportCourseDescriptionImport a BrainHoney export package or a course from another system.
ImportCourseDetailsThe following package types are currently supported:
ImportCourseDetailsFooterNOTE: Not all content types are supported from other systems and some content may be changed during import.
ImportCourseInstructionsUpload a BrainHoney export package or a zipped package of a course from another system.
ImportCoursesImport Courses
ImportCoursesInstructionsImport Courses Instructions
ImportCoursesTaskBatch import courses
ImportEnrollmentImport Enrollment
ImportEnrollmentsInstructionsImport Enrollment Instructions
ImportEnrollmentsTaskBatch import enrollments
ImportFileExceedingSizelimitImport file exceeds the size limit of {0} MB. Please reduce the import file size and try again.
ImportFractionDecimal (0-1)
ImportGrade2InstructionsVerify the columns and format and click Import to import these scores into the gradebook.
ImportGradesImport Scores
ImportIMSPackageIMS Common Cartridge or SCORM Package
ImportingQuestionsDotDotDotImporting questions...
ImportInvalidFileFormatInvalid file format. Please verify that the file is a valid import file.
ImportObserversInstructionsImport Observers Instructions
ImportObserversTaskBatch import observers
ImportRows{0} rows processed.
ImportRowsError{0} rows processed with 1 error.
ImportRowsErrors{0} rows processed with {1} errors.
ImportSectionsImport Sections
ImportSectionsInstructionsImport Sections Instructions
ImportSectionsTaskBatch import sections
ImportStandardUse Standard Responses
ImportStandardLikertInstructionSelect one of the following likert scales
ImportStandardLikertSelectWarningYou must first select a likert scale.
ImportStandardLikertWarningImporting the selected likert will remove all the current responses first. Do you want to continue?
ImportTaskBatch import data
ImportUsersImport Users
ImportUsersInstructionsImport Users Instructions
ImportUsersTaskBatch import users
IMSCommonCartridgeIMS Common Cartridge (*.zip)
ImsPackageIMS Common Cartridge or SCORM package
IncludeFormativeInGradebookInclude in final grade
IncludeInFinalGradeInclude in final grade
IncludeInGroupInclude in Group
IncludeQuestionQuestion {0} is not included in the score. Click {1}here{2} to include it.
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IncompleteHide student course completion percentage
IncompleteTipHides the course completion indicator from students. Check this when you are adding content to your course while students are actively enrolled.
IndividualStudentsIndividual students
InheritFromParentInherit from parent
InitialWikiInitial Wiki Content
InlineShow as drop down list
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InsertEditEquationInsert/edit equation
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InsertEquationInsert Equation
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InsertSymbolInstructionsClick the symbol to insert:
InstructorNoteFrameInstructor Note Frame
InstructorNoteTitleInstructor Note
InstructorNoteToStudentInstructor note to student
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InvalidActionInvalid Action
InvalidAddressThe web-site address must start with &#39;http://&#39; or &#39;https://&#39;
InvalidAddressCaptionInvalid Address
InvalidCharacterInvalid character in field.
InvalidCharacterFilenameErrorThis file or folder name contains an invalid character. Please rename it and try again.
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InvalidGatewayTarget&#39;{0}&#39; is an invalid gateway target.
InvalidGradeInvalid grade
InvalidGradeTableInvalid grade table
InvalidIdInvalid ID
InvalidJoinConferenceRequestInvalid request to join a conference
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InvalidQueryUnsupported search request. Check key words for invalid characters and try again.
InvalidQuestionLinkUnable to link to question with id &#39;{0}&#39;.
InvalidReportParametersPlease enter valid report parameters before continuing
InvalidSectionTypeInvalid Section Type
InvalidSmsAddressInvalid SMS address for {1}: &#39;{0}&#39;
InvalidStatusInvalid status code &#39;{0}&#39;. Valid codes are: {1}
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InviteStudentsInvite students to enroll
InviteStudentsBodyForward this to your students:&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;You are invited to join {1}&#39;s class {0}.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;To join, please click the following link or paste it into your browser&#39;s address bar.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;a href=&quot;{2}&quot;&gt;{2}&lt;/a&gt;
InviteStudentsCaptionInvite Students
InviteStudentsCopyTo invite students to this class, copy the link below and send it to them.
InviteStudentsEmailAn invitation containing the following link that you can forward to your students will now be emailed to {0}.
InviteStudentsFormat{2}&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;This invitation expires on {1}.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;b&gt;{0}&lt;/b&gt;
InviteStudentsSubjectInvitation to join a BrainHoney class
ItemAnalysisItem Analysis
ItemDetailItem Detail
ItemEditorFrameItem Editor Frame
ItemIdItem ID
ITEMIDDescriptionID of the activity or item the user is currently viewing
ItemInformationItem Information
ItemIsCategoryActivity is its own category
ITEMNAMEDescriptionName or title of the activity or item the user is currently viewing
ItemsAreIncludedEdit which items are included in the calculation:
ItemScoreHeaderItem Score
ItemSelectionItem Selection
ItemsStillSavingSome items are still saving. Please wait until all items are saved before leaving this page.
ItemsToDo{0} items to do
ItemsToDoFiltered{0} items to do ({1} in filtered list)
ItemSummaryItem Summary
ItemTimeSpentTime spent (minutes)
ItemTitleItem Title
ItemTreeLoadErrorUnable to get item data from the server. Details: {0} ({1})
ItemViewerFrameItem Viewer Frame
ItemWeightItem weight
ItemWeightRowTooltipWeight of the assignment within the category
JoinConferenceJoin Conference
JoinConferenceAndLinkTo join this conference, go to your conferencing page or {0}click here{1}.
KeepQuestionsTogetherCombine all questions in this group into one problem
KeepRandomValuesKeep random values constant for all attempts
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LaunchExternalLaunch Externally
LaunchExternalLinkTextClick the link below to open a new window to view the content.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;{0}{2}{1}
LearningObjectiveLabelLearning objective
LearningObjectivesLearning Objectives
LeaveAndDiscardChangesIf you leave this page your unsaved changes will be lost. Do you want to discard your changes?
LessonActivityGraderFrameLesson Activity Grader Frame
LikertQuestionLikert Question
LikertQuestionResponseNotPreservedQuestions or responses without a description will be not preserved. Are you sure you want to proceed?
LikertScaleLikert scale
LinkCourseDescriptionAdd one or more sections to an existing course.
LinkTextDisplay text
LinkToACourseAdd a Section
LinkToCourseLink to Course
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ListViewList View
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LoadStudentsErrorUnable to load students. Details: {0} ({1})
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LoginPrefixMayBeDuplicateThat login prefix is not valid - it may already be in use.
LogoutLog Out
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LowScoreLow score
MaintainResponseOrderMaintain response order
MajorTopicMajor Topic
MajorTopicsMajor Topics
ManageCoursesManage Courses
ManageCoursesDescriptionCreate, find, edit and delete courses. Manage course permissions and add sections.
ManageSectionsManage Sections
ManageSectionsDescriptionCreate, find, edit and delete sections. Manage section permissions.
ManageUsersManage Users
ManageUsersDescriptionCreate, find, edit and delete users. Manage user permissions and change user passwords.
Mark this activity completeMark this activity complete
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MarkEnrollmentCompleteNowMark Enrollment Complete Now
MarkEnrollmentNoStudentsThere are no students to mark enrollment complete for.
MarkEnrollmentSelectedstudentsMark the enrollment complete for the following selected students.
MarkEnrollmentSuccessYou have successfully completed enrollments.
MarkResponeAsCorrectMark response as correct
MasteryCoverageGeneralWarningLess than {0} exam questions in the course and formative assessments cover this learning objective.
MasteryCoverageWarningLess than {0} exam questions in the course cover this learning objective.
MasteryFormativeCoverageWarningLess than {0} exam questions in formative assessments cover this learning objective.
MasteryPassingScoreRestrictionRequire passing score if gradable for mastery.
MasteryRestrictionAssignmentInstructionsChoose which assignments must be successfully completed before the student may view this activity:
MasteryRestrictionItems{0} item(s) must be successfully completed before the student may view this activity
MasteryRestrictionItemsAndObjectives{0} item(s) must be successfully completed and {1} objective(s) must be mastered before the student may view this activity
MasteryRestrictionNoneNo restrictions
MasteryRestrictionObjectiveInstructionsChoose which objectives must be mastered before the student may view this activity:
MasteryRestrictionObjectives{0} objective(s) must be mastered before the student may view this activity
MasteryThresholdPassing score (%)
MatchExpressionMatch expression
MatchingBlanksAndTextareasWarningPlease make sure that the number of blanks in question text and the number of answer input fields matches before continuing.
MatchingQuestionMatching Question
MaximumPointsGrading scale (points)
MaximumPointsRowTooltipPoints possible on the assignment
MaximumScoreMaximum score
MaxScoreMax Score
MeanAverageMean (average)
MediaLibraryMedia Library
MedianScoreMedian score
MegaBytes{0} MB
MessageAscendingOrderSort in ascending order
MessageAttachAnotherFileAttach another file
MessageAttachFileAttach a file
MessageDeleteConfirmThis will delete this post and all replies to this post. Are you sure you want to delete?
MessageDeleteFailedFailed deleting the message!
MessageDeliveryPreferencesMessage Delivery Preferences
MessageDescendingOrderSort in descending order
MessageOrderByOrder by:
MessageOrderByAuthorFirstNameAuthor, first name
MessageOrderByAuthorLastNameAuthor, last name
MessageOrderByCreationDatePost date
MessagesFromOthersMessages from others
MessageTooLargeThe message size ({0}) is larger than the allowed maximum.
MessageUpdateFailedFailed updating the message!
MessageUpdateNoResponseErrorNo response from server
MinimumNumberOfQuestionsMinimum number of questions
MinimumPointsMinimum points possible
MinimumScoreMinimum score
MinutesColumnTooltipTotal minutes spent in the course
MinutesMultiple{0} minutes
MinutesOne1 minute
MinutesShort{0} min
MinutesSpentMinutes spent
MinutesSpentColonMinutes spent: {0}
MissingAddressYou must specify an address after &#39;http://&#39; or &#39;https://&#39;
MissingContentMissing Content: The referenced content could not be found.
MissingPictureYou must select a picture to upload before continuing.
MissingRowTooltipNumber of students who have not yet submitted or do not yet have a score on the assignment
MissingSubmissionsDetailsThe following students have not yet submitted this assignment.
MisssingLTIKeySecretYou need to provide the missing key or secret.
MisssingLTIKeySecretCaptionMissing Key or Secret
MobileNumberMobile number
MobileNumberErrorThis field should be a mobile number, containing only digits and optional hyphens (-).
MobileViewMobile View
ModifiedButNotSavedYou have modified the current item, but it is not yet saved. If you leave this page the changes will be lost.
ModifiedByModified By
ModifiedDateModified Date
ModifiedFromOriginalModified from original
ModuleAfterModule After
ModuleBeforeModule Before
ModuleDetailsModule Details
MonthViewMonth View
MoodleBackupMoodle backup (*.zip)
MoodlePackageMoodle backup package
MostFrequentScore(most frequent score)
MoveDomainMove Domain
MoveEnrollmentMove User Enrollment
MoveModuleDownMove Module Down
MoveModuleUpMove Module Up
MoveNodeDownMove activity down
MoveNodeLeftUnindent activity
MoveNodeRightIndent activity
MoveNodeUpMove activity up
MSOfficeMS Office
MultipleAnswerMultiple Answer
MultipleAnswerQuestionMultiple Answer Question
MultipleBlanksMultiple fill in the blanks
MultipleChoiceMultiple Choice
MultipleChoiceQuestionMultiple Choice Question
MultipleCorrectAnswersMultiple correct answers
MultipleFileMultiple Files
MultipleFiles[Multiple files ({0})]
MultipleFileUnavailableMultiple file upload is unavailable for this course
MultiplePost({0} posts)
MultipleReply({0} replies)
My CoursesMy Courses
MyFilesMy Files
NameInvalidCharacterA name may contain only letters A-Z, digits 0-9, and underscores.
NameOnCardName on Card
NameRequiredName cannot be empty
NAnnouncementsLastWeek{0} in the last week
NativeSCOFrameNative SCO Frame
NeedAssetsYou must first add HTML or PDF files to this course before you can link to them
NeedAssetsCaptionCourse Has No Files
NeedSelectedAssetYou must first select a file to link to
NeedsGradingNeeds grading
NeedsReviewNeeds review
NeedStylesheetsYou must first add stylesheet (*.css) files to this course before you can use one as a course stylesheet.
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NewAnnouncementNew announcement
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NewDualGradedCourseNew External Grader Course
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NewPasswordNotMatchNew Password value does not match Confirm value!
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NoAnswerNo answer
NoConferencesToDisplayNo conferences to display
NoConferencesToDisplay2There are no conferences to display.
NoContentInCourseThis course has no content.
NoContentToReviewNo content to review for this question.
NoCoursesAvailableNo courses available for enrollment.
NoCoursesFoundNo courses found that match your search criteria
NoCoursesInListNo courses
NoCreditNo Credit
NoCreditHelpSet all rubric scores to zero.
NoCreditNoRubricHelpThe assignment did not meet the minimum requirements. Set the score to zero.
NoCriticalStudentsNo critical students
NoData&lt;No data to display&gt;
NoDataToDisplayNo data to display.
NoDocumentReturnedNo document returned
NoDocumentSubmittedNo document submitted
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NoEmailAddressThe following recipient does not have an e-mail address: {0}
NoEmailAddressesThe following recipients do not have an e-mail address: {0}
NoEmailInfo*Grayed-out entries do not have an e-mail address.
NoEndDateDisplay indefinitely (no end date)
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NoFolderShortcutsShortcuts to folders are not allowed. Instead, create shortcuts to the folder&#39;s items.
NoFurtherDetailsThere are no further details for this course.
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NoGradeMappingTeacher-- Incompatible grade-scale
NoGroupingNo grouping
NoHistoryToDisplayNo history to display.
NoInteractionsNo interactions
NoItemsToGradeNo items to grade.
NoLearningObjectiveDefineInMasteryReportNo learning objective mastery data available for this course
NoLessonActivitiesThis lesson contains no gradable activities
NoMatchingEnrollmentCould not find a matching enrollment. The URL that you followed may be invalid or outdated.
NonActiveCoursesNon-active courses
NonPacedEndDateTarget End Date: {0}
NonPacedEndDateErrorTarget end date cannot be later than &#39;{0}&#39;
NonPacedEndDateLabelTarget end date
NonThreadedDiscussionNon-threaded discussion
NonThreadedDiscussionTooltipBy checking this box, users will only be able to post new messages and will not be able to reply to existing messages.
NonThreadedMessageDeleteConfirmAre you sure you want to delete this post?
NonZeroScoreRequiredAt least one rubric row must have a non-zero max score.
NoObjectivePromptPlease click an objective to align to before searching.
NoObjectiveSelectedNo objective selected
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NoPeerWorkToReviewNo peer work is available to be reviewed yet.
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NoSsoAccountMessage&lt;h2&gt;There is a problem with your account:&lt;/h2&gt; &lt;ol style=&#39;margin:10px&#39;&gt; &lt;li style=&quot;list-style-type:none&quot;&gt;&lt;img src=&#39;{0}/Images/check2.png&#39; /&gt; Single-Sign-On (SSO) is configured correctly&lt;/li&gt; &lt;li style=&quot;list-style-type:none&quot;&gt;&lt;img src=&#39;{0}/Images/check2.png&#39; /&gt; You have correctly authenticated with your SSO&lt;/li&gt; &lt;li style=&quot;list-style-type:none&quot;&gt;&lt;img src=&#39;{0}/Images/delete2.png&#39; /&gt; You do not have a valid BrainHoney account&lt;/li&gt; &lt;/ol&gt; &lt;p&gt;&lt;i&gt;Please contact your system administrator with these details:&lt;/i&gt;&lt;/p&gt;
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NoSubmissionsSentSubmissions had already been sent previously; no action taken.
NotAllFilesDisplayedNot all files are displayed
NotAvailableFooterThis page will refresh automatically when the content is available
NotAvailableHeaderThis content is not yet available
NotAvailableItemsYou must successfully complete these activities before viewing this item:
NotAvailableObjectivesYou must successfully master these objectives before viewing this item:
NotAvailableSubscriptionThis content is unavailable because the necessary permission could not be obtained.
NotAvailableTitleItem Not Available
NotCategorizedNot Categorized
NotCompletedNot completed
NotConnectedYou have been disconnected.&lt;br /&gt;Please connect and click {0}.
NoTemplateDefinedThere are no defined templates. Click the Add button to define one.
NotEnoughScoresToShowStatisticsTo protect your privacy, statistics are not available until grading has been completed for more students for this item.
NotEnoughSubmissionsNot enough submissions to send: available: {0}, required: {1}
NotEnrolledYou are not enrolled in any courses.
NotEnrolledInCourseYou are not enrolled in that course
NotFound&#39;{0}&#39; was not found.
NotGradedResubmissionAllowedThis item has not been graded; re-submission is allowed
Nothing has been submittedNothing has been submitted
NothingDueThisWeekNo items due this week
NothingSelectedCaptionNothing Selected
NothingToDeleteThere are no expired announcements to delete.
NotifyConferenceUpdatedThis is a notification that the conference has been updated.
NoTitle&lt;No Title&gt;
NotLoggedInYou are no longer logged in.&lt;br /&gt;Please click {0} now.
NoToDoItemsFoundNo items found.
NoToDoItemsFoundCourseNo items found in this course.
NoToDoItemsFoundSearchNo items found that match your search. Click the “x” to clear the search or try a different search.
NotVisibleToStudentsNot visible to students
NotYetReturnedScore not yet returned to student
NotYetSpecified&lt;Not yet specified&gt;
NoUsersFoundNo users found that match your search criteria
NoWikiEditsNo edits have been made
NStudents{0} students
nToGrade{0} to grade
NumberOfGroupsNumber of groups
NumberOfPostsNumber of posts
NumberOfQuestionsScoreNumber of questions {0} score {1}%
NumberOfRepliesNumber of replies
NumberOfStudentsNumber of students
NumberOfStudentsTitleNumber of Students
NumberUnanswered{0} unanswered
ObjectiveCollapseAllLabelCollapse All
ObjectiveCollapseAllTooltipCollapse the selected and all of its children as well
ObjectiveConfirmDeleteAre you sure you want to delete the selected learning objective(s)?
ObjectiveExpandAllDBDataExpanding all the learning objectives in a database may take a long time. Do you want to just expand to the next level?
ObjectiveExpandAllLabelExpand All
ObjectiveExpandAllTooltipExpand the selected and all of its children as well
ObjectiveGradeCourseTitleFormatGrade {0}
ObjectiveGradeScaleObjective grade scale
ObjectiveImportFailedFailed to import learning objectives from the file specified.
ObjectiveImportFileDescriptionPlease select the file to import the objectives from:
ObjectiveImportFromDBImport Objectives
ObjectiveImportFromFileImport from File
ObjectiveImportingImporting objectives...
ObjectiveImportInstructionsSelect state standards for your grade level and/or subject to pre-populate your curriculum map and automatically align activities in your gradebook to your selected standards.
ObjectiveImportInstructions2To create multiple gradebooks (e.g. if you are teaching physics and chemistry), choose one here, and then repeat this process by clicking &quot;Syllabus&quot; in the main menu and then selecting &quot;Teach a Course&quot;.
ObjectiveImportInstructions3To skip this step, click the &quot;Continue&quot; button located at the bottom of this screen. You can add state standards and/or create your own later.
ObjectiveImportNoDataWarningNo learning objective imported. Either you specified an invalid file path or no learning objective data in the file.
ObjectiveImportNoFileSpecifiedNo import file specified.
ObjectiveMapHiddenFromStudentHidden From Student
ObjectiveMappingDefaultHiddenYou must specify a non-hidden default objective map.
ObjectiveMappingNoDefaultYou must specify a default objective map.
ObjectiveMappingNoVisibleYou must mark at least one objective map as visible.
ObjectiveMappingNoVisibleToStudentYou must mark at least one objective map as visible to students.
ObjectiveMappingsObjective Maps
ObjectiveMapTitleObjective Map Name
ObjectiveMasteryLearning Objective Mastery
ObjectiveMasteryLabelLearning objective mastery
ObjectiveMasteryThresholdObjective mastery threshold (%)
ObjectiveRetrieveDBDataFailedFailed to retrieve learning objective data from database
ObjectiveRetrievingDBDataRetrieving learning objective data from database. Please wait...
ObjectiveSaveSave Objectives
ObjectiveSavingSaving changes to the syllabus...
ObjectiveSelectAllDBDataChecking/Unchecking all the learning objectives in a database may take a long time. Do you want to just expand to the next level?
ObjectivesUpdatedLaterThe &quot;Objectives&quot; pane will reflect changed learning objectives, if any, after you save this item.
ObjectiveUpdateFailedFailed to update learning objectives.
ObservationsObserved Enrollments
ObservedUserIdObserved User ID
ObservedUseridErrorUserId and Observed UserId should not be the same.
ObservedUserIDRequiredObserved UserId is required
ObservedUsersObserved Users
OfStudentsof students
OfThingof {0}
OfTypeOf type
OneAnnouncementLastWeek1 in the last week
OneGroupPerPersonEach person in only one group
OneHour1 hour
OneItemDueThisWeek1 item due this week
OneItemToGrade1 item to grade
OneMinute1 minute
OneStudent1 student
OneWeekOne week
OpenInBrowseModeThis content supports browse mode. Would you like to view this content in browse mode?
OpenLatestOpen Saved
OpenLatestTipOpen your saved document for this assignment
OpenOriginalOpen Original
OpenOriginalTipOpen the template document for this assignment
OpenSubmittedOpen Submitted
OpenSubmittedTipOpen the document that you submitted for this assignment
OptionalFieldsOptional Fields
OptionalSubmittedDateOptional submitted date
OrderingQuestionOrdering Question
OtherCoursesOther Courses
OtherCoursesDescriptionChoose a course that is not in this list
OutOfPoints/ {0} points
OverallQuizScoreForLearnersOverall quiz score for learners who got this question
OverrideDescriptionOverride description
PaceColumnTooltipRed, yellow, green indicator of student pace
PaidSectionPaid Section
PaperTestingPaper Testing
ParentReferenceParent External ID
PartialScoreEdit response variation options
PartialScoresNoFullScoreAt least one of the choices should have points equal to the question score points.
PartialScoresNumberNotMatchCorrectAnswersThe number of partial scores does not match the number of specified correct answers.
PartialScoresWarningSum of partial scores of each answer should not be less than the question score.
PassageLabelPassage: {0}
PassingScorePassing Score
PassingScoreLabelPassing score:
PassingScoreRequiredPassing score required for course credit
PassingScoreRequiredTooltipIf checked, when you report final grades, a student&#39;s score for this item must be at or above the item&#39;s Passing Score (if specified) or the course&#39;s Passing Score; otherwise, the calculated final grade is zero.
PasswordAnswerPassword Answer (Optional)
PasswordNotAllowEditPassword cannot be edited
PasswordProtectedPassword protected
PasswordQuestionPassword Question (Optional)
PasswordRequiredPassword is required
PasswordRequiredHeaderEnter the password to access this content
PasswordResetPassword Reset
PasswordResetBody Your password has been reset. Your new password is: {{0}} You may change your password under My Account at {0}
PasswordsDoNotMatchThe passwords do not match!
PasswordsDontMatchPasswords don&#39;t match
Pay2LearnPay to Learn
PayButtonI Want To Purchase This Course
PaymentInformationPayment Information
PaymentTypePayment Type
PeerBlogsPeers&#39; Blogs
PeerCommentpeer comment
PeerCommentCountPeer comment count: &lt;span class=&#39;grade_peer_highlight&#39;&gt;{0}&lt;/span&gt;
PeerCommentspeer comments
PeerReviewPeer review
PeerReviewEntryPeer review entry
PeerWorkNotReviewedPeer work has not been reviewed yet.
PeerWorkReviewAgainNew peer work has been submitted and needs to be reviewed.
PeerWorkReviewedPeer work has been reviewed.
PercentOfFinal% of final grade
PercentOfGradeHeader% of Total
PercentOfGradeHeaderTooltipPercentage of total grade
PercentOfGradeWithExtraCreditHeader% with EC
PercentOfGradeWithExtraCreditHeaderTooltipPossible percentage of total grade, including extra credit
PercentOfPeriod% of period grade
PercentOfStudentsTitle% of Students
PerformanceColumnTooltipRed, yellow, green indicator of student performance
PeriodNumPeriod {0}
PhoneExtensionPhone Extension
PlacementAndNavigationPlacement and Navigation
PlayerInfoTitleBrainHoney ToGo
Please enter a new url, or usePlease enter a new url, or use
PleaseWaitPlease wait
Points achieved:Points achieved:
Points possible:Points possible:
PointsColumnTooltipCurrent total course points achieved
PointsColumnTooltipWeightedCategoriesCourse points not available with weighted categories
PointsPercent{0} points ({1})
PoolCountPool count
PoolUseCountNumber of questions to use from bank (optional)
PopupLinkPopup in new window
PostalCodePostal Code / Zip
PostAnnouncementPost Announcement
PostAnnouncementCaptionPost Announcement
PostAnnouncementFrameAnnouncement Editor Frame
PostAnnouncementsPost Announcements
PostAnnouncementTextDo you want to post the announcement now?
PostBlogNew post
PostingAnnouncementTextPosting announcement, please wait...
PostingEditsMessagePosting your message, please wait...
PostingUserProfileChangesTextPosting profile changes, please wait...
PostNoSectionYou cannot post in a course.
PostNoStudentNewThreadOnly instructors can start a new thread discussion.
PostNotActiveYou cannot post because your enrollment is not active.
PostNotStudentYou must be enrolled as a student to post.
PostPastDueDateThe due date for this item has passed. Posting is not allowed.
PostsByposts by
PostUserProfileChangesCaptionPost Profile Changes
PreparingToJoinConferencePreparing to join conference &#39;{0}&#39;
PreventCopyPrevent user from copying course content
PreventPrintPrevent user from printing course content
PreventWebPrevent user from viewing course on web
PrevewNewLTIWithKeySecretYou must save this new item first before you can preview the LTI content.
PreviewContentFramePreview Content Frame
PreviewNotSupportedPreview of this content is not supported. ({0})
PreviewPassagePreview passage
PreviewPassage AddingSameQuestionTwicePreview passage
PreviewWebSitePreview Web Site - &#39;{0}&#39;
PreviewWebSiteDotDotDotPreview Web Site...
PreviousItemPrevious Item
PreviousPagePrevious Page
PreviousQuestionPrevious question
PrintCertificatePrint Certificate
PrintTestsPrint tests and answer sheets
PrivateNotesNotes to self
ProcessingFileProcessing {0}...
ProcessingRequestProcessing request. This may take several minutes...
ProficiencyDetailProficiency Detail
ProfileAltAuthors profile picture
ProfileInformationPreferencesInformation &amp; Preferences
ProfilePictureBioPicture &amp; Description
ProfileUploadPictureInstructionSelect a picture you want to use as your profile picture
ProgressSavedWithDateProgress saved: {0}
ProhibitedFileTypeProhibited file type &#39;{0}&#39;
PropertiesDescriptionPlace these properties immediately above the question number.
ProvideFeedbackPlease enter your feedback and click submit.
ProxyActor{3} {4} ({5}) as {0} {1} ({2})
ProxyErrorUnable to proxy
ProxyName{2} {3} as {0} {1}
ProxyPromptEnter username or ID to proxy as:
ProxyUserIdProxy User ID
Quartile1ScoreQuartile 1 score
Quartile3ScoreQuartile 3 score
QuestionChoiceChoice {0}
QuestionDetailsFrameQuestion Details Frame
QuestionDetailsTitleQuestion Details
QuestionEditorFrameQuestion Editor Frame
QuestionGroupQuestion Group
QuestionGroupLabelQuestion group
QuestionLinkLink to Question
QuestionNumberLabelQuestion number
QuestionOnePoint1 point
QuestionOnePointPerQuestion1 point per question
QuestionPoints{0} points
QuestionPointsPerQuestion{0} points per question
QuestionPoolQuestion pool
QuestionPoolByGroupLabelSelect at least this many questions for each group:
QuestionPoolByLOLabelSelect at least this many questions per learning objective
QuestionPoolByTypeLabelSelect at least this many questions for each question type:
QuestionPoolFilterAdvancedQueryAdvanced query
QuestionPoolFilterQueryQuestion filters (optional)
QuestionPoolLinkLink to Question Bank
QuestionPoolPreviewQuestion bank: {0}
QuestionPoolPreviewWithCountQuestion bank: {0} ({1} questions)
QuestionPoolPreviewWithOneQuestion bank: {0} (1 question)
QuestionPropertiesQuestion Properties
QuestionRequiredQuestion is required
QuestionRubricQuestion Rubric
QuestionScoreHeaderQuestion Score
QuestionsPerPageQuestions per page
QuestionTextQuestion text
QuestionTextHeaderQuestion text
QuestionTypeQuestion Type
QuestionTypeLabelQuestion type
QuestionTypesQuestion Types
QuestionWarning1&lt;b&gt;Negative Discrimination&lt;/b&gt;Students who did well on the rest of the assessment answered this item incorrectly more often than students who did poorly on the rest of the assessment.
QuestionWarning2&lt;b&gt;Difficult Question&lt;/b&gt;Most students answered this item incorrectly.
QuestionWarning3&lt;b&gt;Low Discrimination&lt;/b&gt;Students who did well on the rest of the assessment answered this incorrectly more often than expected.
QuestionWarningCommonIf your review indicates that the item is not appropriate, you can remove the item from the grade.&lt;br/&gt;Items can be inappropriate for many reasons, including:&lt;br/&gt;&lt;ul&gt;&lt;li&gt;Wrong answer marked as right&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Two correct answers&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Question is poorly worded&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Question does not align to content&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Students did not cover content&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ul&gt;
QuestionWarningCommonScoItems can be inappropriate for many reasons, including:&lt;br/&gt;&lt;ul&gt;&lt;li&gt;Wrong answer marked as right&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Two correct answers&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Question is poorly worded&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Question does not align to content&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Students did not cover content&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ul&gt;
RandomizeAnswerOrderRandomize answer order within questions
RandomizeQuestionOrderRandomize question order
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RecipientList{0} ({1})
RecipientsEmailFooter&lt;table style=&quot;color:gray;font-size:10pt;&quot;&gt;&lt;tr&gt;&lt;td valign=&quot;top&quot;&gt;To:&lt;/td&gt;&lt;td&gt;{0}&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;&lt;/table&gt;
RedPacingHas many late assignments
RedResponsivenessOne or more tasks are at least {0} days late
RedRollupCompletionMany students are not completing the course
RedRollupPacingMany students are behind schedule
RedRollupPerformanceMany students are in danger of failing the course
RedRollupResponsivenessMany tasks are late
ReferenceExternal ID
RefineLOQtipBy default, an item automatically covers all objectives from either its parent module or, if it exists, its enclosing folder. You can override the defaults by checking this box.
RefineLOsRefine objectives
RefreshConferenceDataGet the latest conference data from the server
RefreshInstructionsWhen you finish uploading with FTP, you can view updated Course Files after reloading the page.
RefreshItemRequiredSuccessfully restored changes. The changes will be reflected in this editor screen the next time that you open it.
RefreshListRefresh list
RefreshListNewItemsHelpThere are new to do items. Click the &#39;Refresh list&#39; button to update your list.
RefreshListWithNewRefresh list ({0} new)
RefreshPageRequiredThis screen will reflect these changes the next time that you open it.
RefreshQuestionSummaryRefresh question summary data
RefreshTotalsRefresh Totals
RelativeItemWeightRelative weight in category
RelativeWeightsRelative Weights
RelaxLatenessRelax overdue indicator for world-wide students
RelaxLatenessTipCheck this if students submit from time zones other than the instructor&#39;s time zone and if the course has due dates without times. Submissions on or before the due date in any time zone are not marked as late.
ReleaseChangeMessageChanging the release may take up to 24 hours to take effect.
RemainingStudentsremaining students
RemediationActionTextTo help you understand all of the learning objectives in this course, we have flagged some items for review.
RemediationActionTitlePlease Review
RemediationAssessmentRemediation assessment
RememberPasswordI remembered my password
RemoveAllBlanksWarningPlease remove all the blanks in question text and provide only one correct answer.
RemoveAttachmentRemove attachment
RemoveCatalogSectionTextDo you want to remove the selected sections from the catalog?
RemoveCategoryRemove this category
RemoveDocumentRemove Document
RemoveEnrollmentTextCaution: Deleting an enrollment permanently removes the enrollment and any associated user data such as enrollment status, final score, submitted assignments, and exams. You can use [Edit Enrollment] to un-enroll users while retaining their enrollment history and data. Are you sure you want to permanently delete this enrollment from this course?
RemoveFromGroupRemove from Group
RemoveMultipleAnswersPlease remove multiple answers and provide only one correct answer.
RemoveObserverRemove Observer
RemoveObserverTextAre you sure you want to remove this observer from this enrollment?
RemovePeriodRemove this grading period
RemoveReportTextDo you want to remove the selected report from this domain?
RemoveSectionRemove Section
RemoveSectionsRemove Sections
RemoveSKUSectionAre you sure you want to remove this section from the SKU?
RemoveStudentEnrollmentRemove Student Enrollment
RemoveStudentEnrollmentPromptAre you sure you want to delete this test student enrollment along with all associated grades and data?
RemoveSubscriptionCourseTextAre you sure you want to permanently delete the selected subscribers to this course?
RemoveSubscriptionDomainTextAre you sure you want to permanently delete the selected subscribers to this domain?
RemoveSubscriptionTextAre you sure you want to permanently delete the selected subscriptions?
RenameGroupRename Group
RenderQuestionErrorUnable to render question {0}: {1}
ReplaceExistingFileReplace existing file
ReportAdminReport Administration
ReportAllGradesReport grades for all students
ReportedColumnTooltipCurrent reported final grade
ReportFinalEmptyStudentsYou must select at least one student.
ReportFinalGradeReport grade
ReportFinalGradeConfirmAre you sure you want to submit final course grades for &#39;{0}&#39;?
ReportFinalGradePeriodConfirmAre you sure you want to submit grading period &#39;{0}&#39; grades for &#39;{1}&#39;?
ReportFinalGradesReport Final Grades
ReportFinalGradesConfirmSubmit final course grades for the following selected students.
ReportFinalGradesNowReport Grades Now
ReportFinalGradesPeriodConfirmSubmit grading period &#39;{0}&#39; grades for the following selected students.
ReportFinalGradesPeriodStatementSubmit grading period &#39;{0}&#39; grades for all students.
ReportFinalGradesStatementSubmit final course grades for all students.
ReportFinalNoStudentsThere are no students to report final grades for.
ReportFinalPeriodGradesReport Grades ({0})
ReportFormatCSVCSV (comma delimited)
ReportFormatDLAPCSVCSV (comma delimited)
ReportFormatIMAGETIFF Image
ReportFormatMHTMLMHTML (web archive)
ReportIdReport ID
ReportParameterInstructionsEnter report parameters:
ReportRunFailureFailed to run report
ReportUpdateFailureFailed to update report
ReqPassingScoreRequire course passing score
ReqPassingScoreToolTipCheck this to require a course passing score before enrollment can be automatically set to completion.
RequestAConferenceRequest a conference
RequestConferenceSubject{0} requests a conference in {1}
RequireAnswersRequire an answer to all questions
RequireAnswersForPagedQuestionsYou must answer all questions before continuing.
RequireAnswersStudentYou must answer all questions before submitting
RequiredFieldsRequired Fields
RequireFlashClick here to upgrade your Flash Player.
ResetEmailSentYou will receive an e-mail with instructions for resetting your password. If you do not receive this e-mail, please check your junk mail folder or contact your administrator.
ResetPasswordReset Password
ResetStudentEnrollmentReset Student Enrollment
ResetStudentEnrollmentPromptAre you sure you want to remove all grades and data associated with this test student enrollment?
ResourceTooLargeThe resource size ({0}) is larger than the allowed maximum.
ResponseScoreErrorNeed to specify a point value for each response before save.
ResponseScoreTitleScore for this response as comparing to the question score.
ResponseVariationResponse Variation
RestoreDeletedItemsRestore Deleted Items
RestoreErrorUnable to restore item. Details: {0}
RestoreResourceErrorUnable to restore. Details: {0}
RestoreVersionNRestore version {0}
RestrictAccessRestrict visibility by date
RestrictAccessByMasteryRestrict visibility by mastery
RestrictAccessByMasteryItemsHistoryRestrict visibility by mastery - Assignments
RestrictAccessByMasteryObjectivesHistoryRestrict visibility by mastery - Objectives
ResultsAfterAttemptMinimumAfter minimum attempt
ResultsAfterDueDateAfter due date
ResultsAfterFullCreditWhen answered correctly
ResultsAfterResultsVisibleDateAfter score visibility date
ResultsDateScore visibility date
ResultsInstructionsChoose the date and time from which the results of &#39;{0}&#39; are visible
ResultsLimited(*first {0} shown)
ResultsVisibleRestrict score visibility by date
ResultsVisibleRowTooltipDate when the assignment scores are available to students
RetryMessage{0} can now retry the item.
ReturnAllGradesReturn All Scores
ReturnGradesToStudentsReturn scores to students
ReverseBreadCrumbSep &lt;&lt;
RevertToCalculatedGradeRevert To Calculated Score
ReviewAndSubmitReview and Submit
ReviewDescriptionReview the course settings below, and click &quot;Submit&quot; to create the course.
ReviewPeersReview Peers
ReviewSettingsStudent review settings
ReviewVisibleToStudentReview visible to student
RevokePermissionRevoke Permissions
RevokePermissionsTextAre you sure you want to revoke these permissions?
RichTextEditorFrameRich Text Editor
RoleCacheServerCache Server
RoleCacheServersCache Servers
RoleCourseCoordinatorCourse Coordinator
RoleCourseCoordinatorsCourse Coordinators
RoleDetailsButtonRole Details...
RoleNotAllowEditRole cannot be edited
RoleSectionCoordinatorSection Coordinator
RoleSectionCoordinatorsSection Coordinators
RoleSupportTechnical Support
RoleTeachingAssistantTeaching Assistant
RoleTeachingAssistantsTeaching Assistants
RoleUnknownUnknown Role
RoleUserCoordinatorUser Coordinator
RoleUserCoordinatorsUser Coordinators
RoundPartialScoresRound partial scores down to the next whole number
RoundRobinRound Robin
RowCountFormat({0:n0} Rows)
RssFeedTitleRSS Feed
RssFeedUrlRSS feed address or URL
RssGotoPostGo to Post
RssPostDatePost Date
RssShowSummariesShow Summaries
RunReportRun Report
RunTaskRun Task
SamlErrorThe system could not log you in properly due to an error.
SampleMobileNumberFormat (no dashes): 8005554444
SaveAndApplyTemplateNotesErrorYou must specify a template title.
SaveAndCloseSave and close; Save does not submit this assessment.
SaveAsSave as
SaveAssignmentInstructionsTo save your progress, choose &#39;{0}&#39; and click OK.
SaveAssignmentTitleSave Your Progress
SaveChangesSave Changes
SaveConferenceSuccessSuccessfully saved your conference
SaveContentSave Content
SavedConferenceWithoutEmailThe conference was saved, but there was an error sending the email notification: {0}
SavedExamMessageYou must submit your answers to complete this activity (saving does NOT submit).
SavedExamTitleSuccessfully saved your answers
SaveDoesNotSubmitSave does not submit your assignment
SavedYourAssignmentSaved Your Assignment
SavedYourAssignmentTextSuccessfully saved your assignment.
SaveForLaterContinue Later
SaveForLaterHelpSave item and continue grading it later. Score will not be displayed to the student.
SaveGradebookSetupSave changes to the gradebook setup
SaveNewCommentErrorYou must specify comment content before you can submit a comment.
SaveNewPostDataErrorYou must specify title and content before you can submit a post.
SaveNewPostTagDataErrorEach tag you specify associated with a post can not be more than 50 characters long.
SaveNewPostTagIllegalCharErrorTags can not contain characters such as &#39;{&#39; or &#39;}&#39;.
SaveProfileErrorSave Profile Error
SaveProgressSave your progress
SaveVariableErrorInvalidVariableInvalid variable is defined. Please modify the definition and try to save again.
SaveVariablesSave Variables
Saving1ItemSaving 1 item
SavingAssignmentFailedFailed to save your assignment!
SavingConferenceSaving conference &#39;{0}&#39;
SavingNItemsSaving {0} items
SavingYourChangesSaving your setup changes...
SavingYourProgressSaving your progress...
ScaledScoreMappingLabelEnter one score mapping per row, using this row format:&lt;br/&gt;&lt;pre&gt;RawScore ScaledScore&lt;/pre&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;b&gt;RawScore&lt;/b&gt;: Minimum point value to map to ScaledScore&lt;br/&gt;&lt;b&gt;ScaledScore&lt;/b&gt;: Text or number that RawScore maps to&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;
ScaledScoreMappingTitleScore Mapping
ScaledToscaled to
ScanBubbleSheetsScan bubble sheets
ScheduledConferencesScheduled conferences
Sco_multiple-choiceMultiple Choice
ScoContentEndedActivity Ended
ScoDoneMessageThe activity has ended.
ScoreBelowMinimumThe minimum score for this item is {0}. Are you sure you want to assign {1}?
ScoreBelowPassing*Below passing score
ScoreColonScore: {0}
ScoreColumnTooltipCurrent course score (percentage)
ScoredAttemptScored attempt
ScoreDisplayOptionsScore Display Options
ScoreEntryScore entry
ScoreEntryRowTooltipEntry method used to grade the assignment
ScoreExceedsMaximumThe maximum score for this item is {0}. Are you sure you want to assign {1}?
ScoreIsDroppedFinal-grade calculation drops this score.
ScoreIsDroppedAltDropped score
ScoreNOfMScore: {0} of {1}
ScorePropertiesScore Properties
SCOReviewModeSubmission review format
SCOReviewNativeRendered activity content with student&#39;s responses (SCO supports review mode)
SCOReviewTextStudent response summary table
SCORMAllowUserSaveAllow users to save
SCORMBrowseModeSCO supports browse mode
ScoSaveCloseSave and Close
ScoSaveErrorError: {0}&lt;br/&gt;Please try to save again.
ScoSaveSuccessSuccessfully saved your data.
ScoSummaryTitleInteraction Summary
SearchBySearch by:
SecondsMultiple{0} seconds
SecondsOne1 second
SecondsShort{0} s
SectionAlreadyEndedThis course&#39;s end date ({0}) is in the past. New enrollments are not allowed.
SectionContinuousDisplayContinuous ({0} days)
SectionDomainGuidSection Domain GUID
SectionDomainIdSection Domain ID
SectionEndSection End
SectionEnrollmentSection Enrollment
SectionForMoveFind the section to move the enrollment to
SectionGuidSection GUID
SectionIdSection ID
SECTIONIDDescriptionID of the current section
SectionIdentifierRequiredThe section must be identified with either the section id or external id.
SectionImportNotesYou can use the course id instead of the course external id. For update and delete actions either the section external id or the section id is required.
SectionInformationSection Information
SectionLoginPrefixSection Login Prefix
SECTIONNAMEDescriptionName or title of the current section
SectionRangeDisplayRange ({0} to {1})
SectionReferenceSection External ID
SECTIONREFERENCEDescriptionExternal ID of the current section
SectionSchedulingInstructionsChoose start and end dates for your gradebook. You can change these later.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;
SectionSettingsSection Settings
SectionStartSection Start
SectionTitleSection Title
SectionTypeSection Type
SecurityCodeSecurity Code
SecurityLevelSecurity level
SecurityQuestionSecurity Question
SecurityQuestionInstructionsIf you forget your password, you will need to answer this question correctly to retrieve it.
SecurityQuestionLabelSecurity question
SecurityQuestionNoAnswerNo answer provided for new security question!
SecurityTimeoutFor security purposes, your session has expired. Please sign on again to continue.
SeeSubmission(see submission)
SelectACourseSelect a course...
SelectAssetSelect the HTML or PDF file to link to (insert other file types as attachments or as embedded files in an Editable Content activity):
SelectAtLeastOneCourseItemSelect at least one course item.
SelectAtLeastOneScoreColumnSelect at least one score column.
SelectColumnSelect Column
SelectCourseSelect Course
SelectedActivitySelected Activity
SelectedStudentSelected Student
SelectItemFirstPlease select an item first, and then try again.
SelectItemTextSelect the course item to create a shortcut to:
SelectMonthSelect Month
SelectPoolItemFirstPlease select a bank or a question first, and then try again.
SelectReportSelect report
SelectRoleButtonSelect Role...
SelectUsernameSelect Username
SelfRegisteredReferenceSelf registered
SendAttendeesAnEmailSend attendees an email
SendCopyToMeSend a copy to me
SenderMissingCannotSendSend e-mail not allowed because your user account is not configured with an e-mail address.
SendExternalSuccessSuccessfully sent submissions for external grading.
SendingDotDotDotSending ...
SendMailSend Mail
SendMailToAllSend Mail to All
SendToExternalGraderSend to External Grader
SendToExternalGraderTipSends randomly selected graded submissions to another course to be externally graded.
ServerErrorServer Error
ServerGradedServer graded
SessionExpiredYour session has expired. Please sign on again.
SetCorrectAnswerWarningYou must supply correct answers for this question before continuing
SetPlayerPasswordSet Mobile Password
SetupBranchedThis section setup has been branched from the course
SetupGradebookSetup Gradebook
SetupMasterUn-changed section gradebooks inherit this course setup
SetupUnchangedThis section setup is inherited from the course
SetUserActiveSet Active
SetUserInactiveSet Inactive
ShareCourseShare this course with others
ShareCourseInstructionsShare this course with other users in this domain with the following roles:
SharedCoursesShared Courses
ShortAnswerShort Answer
ShortcutToShortcut to &#39;{0}&#39;
ShortDateWithTime{0:M/dd} {0:t}
ShowAllShow all
ShowAllObjectiveMapsShow all
ShowAllObjectiveMapsToStudentShow all to student
ShowAllSectionsShow All Sections
ShowAllStudentsShow All Students
ShowCategoryTotalsShow Category Totals
ShowCorrectAnswersShow correct answers
ShowCriticalStudentsShow Critical Students Only
ShowCurrentListShow current list
ShowCurrentListTipShow the current list of students in this course
ShowDeletedShow deleted
ShowExcusedItemsShow excused items
ShowGradeHistoryScore History
ShowGradeHistoryHelpShow complete score history
ShowInactiveEnrollmentsShow Inactive Enrollments
ShowInNewWindowShow in new window
ShowLessonDetailsShow Lesson Details
ShowNonGradableShow Non-Gradable Items
ShowNonGradableCheckboxLabelshow non-gradable items
ShowNonGradebleItemsShow non-gradable items
ShowPeriodShow Grading Period
ShowResponseLastShow response last
ShowScoresShow scores
ShowStatisticsAllow students to see comparative class statistics
SignificantFiguresSignificant Figures
SingleFileSingle File
SinglePost(1 post)
SingleReply(1 reply)
SkipRestrictOverride Complete
SkipRestrictHelpMark this item complete and skip mastery restriction on access to other items
SKUPriceSKU Price
SKUTitleSKU Title
SMInvalidXMLSubscription manager did not reply with valid XML. {0}
SMNoResponseNodeSubscription manager did not reply with a &#39;response&#39; element
SMPermissionDeniedPermission denied.
SmsAppearsInvalidThe number &#39;{0}&#39; appears invalid. Are you sure that is your mobile number?
SmsFormatErrorThis field should be a mobile number and carrier&#39;s domain, in the format &quot;;.
SolrSearchErrorUnable to get search results. Details: {0} ({1})
SortByPeriodsAndCategoriesSort by periods and categories
SortBySyllabusSort in syllabus order
SpecificRolesSpecific roles
SpecifyFileSpecify the file to upload
SpecifyFileUploadCourseFileSpecify the file and then click Add File to upload the file as a new course file.
SpecifyFolderSpecify the folder to upload the file to
SpecifyNameValuePairsChoose [Add] to begin specifying name-value pairs to POST to the web site. You can use course variables in the Value column.
SpecifyNameValuePairs2Choose [Add] to begin specifying custom name-value pairs for this file. You can use course variables in the Value column.
SSOLoginErrorFailed to log in.
SsoSetPlayerPasswordButtonCreate BrainHoney ToGo Password
SsoSetPlayerPasswordCompleteYour new BrainHoney ToGo password has been sent to {0}.
SsoSetPlayerPasswordConfirm This will set a new BrainHoney ToGo password and send it to your email address which is presently &quot;{0}&quot;. If you already use the BrainHoney ToGo, you will have to re-enter the password. If your email address is blank or incorrect, your administrator can change it or set your BrainHoney ToGo password to a known value. Continue to set a new password?
SsoSetPlayerPasswordEmailBody Your password for BrainHoney ToGo has been changed. Your new credentials are: Dlap Server URL: {0} Web Server URL: {1} Username: {2} Password: {{0}} This does not affect your login or password for the web player.
SsoSetPlayerPasswordEmailSubjectNew BrainHoney ToGo Password
SsoSetPlayerPasswordTextIf you don&#39;t know your BrainHoney ToGo password you must create one. Click the button below to create a BrainHoney ToGo password. This will not affect the password you use to log into this site.
StandardDeviationStandard deviation
StandardLikertScaleLikert Scale
StandardLikertScaleAgreementValueStrongly Agree|Agree|Undecided|Disagree|Strongly Disagree
StandardLikertScaleFrequency2ValueAlways|Very Frequently|Occasionally|Rarely|Very Rarely|Never
StandardLikertScaleFrequencyValueVery Frequently|Frequently|Occasionally|Rarely|Very Rarely|Never
StandardLikertScaleImportanceValueVery Important|Important|Moderately Important|Of Little Importance|Unimportant
StandardLikertScaleLikelihood2ValueAlmost Always True|Usually True|Often True|Occasionally True|Sometimes But Infrequently True|Usually Not True|Almost Never True
StandardLikertScaleLikelihoodValueLike Me|Unlike Me
StandardLikertScaleQualityValueExcellent|Above Average|Average|Below Average|Extremely Poor
StandardsLicense&lt;span style=&quot;font-size: 8pt&quot;&gt;Academic standards licensed under the &lt;a target=&quot;license&quot; href=&quot;;&gt;Attribution - Creative Commons&lt;/a&gt; license from &lt;a target=&quot;asn&quot; href=&quot;;&gt;Achievement Standards Network (ASN)&lt;/a&gt;.&lt;/span&gt;
StartColumnTooltipStudent enrollment start date
StartDateStart Date
StartDateLabelStart date
StartDateNotValidStart date is not valid
StartDateTimeInPastStart date time may not occur in the past
StartTimeStart time
StartTimeHeaderStart Time
StateProvinceState / Province
StatisticsClass Statistics
StatisticsFrameStatistics Frame
StatusAllowResubmissionResubmission allowed
StatusColumnTooltipStudent enrollment status
StatusCompletedNoCreditCompleted (No credit)
StatusMinutesRequiredAdditional time required to complete
StatusNeedsGradingReady to grade
StatusNotSubmittedNot submitted
StatusPassingScoreRequiredPassing score required to complete
StatusPreStartDateNot Started
StatusSubmissionRequiredSubmission required to complete
StatusWithdrawnWithdrawn (No score)
StatusWithdrawnFailedWithdrawn (Failed)
StopAcceptingDeniedYou do not have permission to stop accepting submissions.
StopAcceptingSubmissionsStop Accepting Submissions
StreamingMediaInstructionsThis will upload your video to an encoding server. It may take a long time for the video to be encoded and show up correctly in your course content.
StrictlyPostalCodePostal Code
StudentAndResponseStudent and Response
StudentBlogsStudents&#39; Blogs
StudentDisplayFormat{1}, {0} ({2})
StudentDocumentStudent Document
StudentEmailFooter&lt;table style=&quot;color:gray;font-size:10pt;&quot;&gt;&lt;tr&gt;&lt;td colspan=&quot;2&quot; style=&quot;padding-top:5px;border-top:1px solid gray;&quot;&gt;Sent from BrainHoney on behalf of {0} {1}&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;&lt;tr&gt;&lt;td valign=&quot;top&quot;&gt;Course:&lt;/td&gt;&lt;td&gt;{2}&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;&lt;/table&gt;
StudentEnrollmentIdStudent Enrollment ID
StudentGradesStudent Grades
StudentInformationStudent Information
StudentJournalsStudents&#39; Journals
StudentListStudent List
StudentMayRetryRetry allowed
StudentMustEnterPasswordThe student must enter the password to access this content
StudentProficiencyStudent Proficiency
StudentProhibitedFileTypeThe domain administrator has prohibited students from uploading files of type &#39;{0}&#39;, so they will be unable to submit this assignment.
StudentScoreViewShow me what the student sees
StudentsCSVStudents CSV
StudentsInStudents in {0}
StudentSummaryStudent Summary
StudentsViewFinalGradesAfterDeadlineStudents may view their grades after the grade submission deadline ({0}).
StudentsViewFinalGradesImmediatelyStudents may view their grades immediately
StudentViewsScoreLabelStudent views score in:
SubmissionDeadlineSubmission deadline
SubmissionDeadlinePassedGrade submission period has passed.
SubmissionDetailsSubmission Details
SubmissionDetailsFrameSubmission Details Frame
SubmissionHistorySubmission History
SubmissionTooLargeThe submission size ({0}) is larger than the allowed maximum.
SubmitAlreadySubmittedYou have already submitted this assignment. Resubmitting is not allowed.
SubmitAssignmentInstructionsTo submit your assignment, choose &#39;{0}&#39; and click OK.
SubmitAssignmentTitleSubmit Your Assignment
SubmitFinalGradesSubmit Final Grades
SubmitHelpReturn score to student
SubmitNewCommentErrorComment does not have its parent message id specified.
SubmitNotActiveYou cannot submit because your enrollment is not active.
SubmitNotStudentYou must be enrolled as a student to submit.
SubmitPastDueDateThe due date for this assignment has passed. Submission is not allowed.
SubmitProhibitedFileTypeThe system administrator has prohibited uploading files of type &#39;{0}&#39;.
SubmitQuestionNavigating away will submit your answers now. Press OK to continue, or Cancel to stay on the current page.
SubmitQuestion2Navigating away will submit your answers now.
SubmitQuestion3Navigating away will save your answers now. Press OK to continue, or Cancel to stay on the current page.
SubmitQuestion4Navigating away will save your answers now.
SubmitScoreSubmit Score
SubmittedLateLabelSubmitted late
SubmittedResubmissionAllowedYour assignment has been submitted; re-submission is allowed
SubmittedWithDateSubmitted: {0}
SubmittedYourAssignmentSubmitted Your Assignment
SubmittedYourAssignmentTextSuccessfully submitted your assignment.
SubmittingAssignmentFailedFailed to submit your assignment!
SubmittingDotDotDotSubmitting ...
SubmittingYourAssignmentSubmitting your assignment...
SubmitWrongAssignmentTypeTo submit this assignment you must choose a file of type &#39;{0}&#39;. You chose a file of type &#39;{1}&#39;.
SubscriberEntityTypeTextCreate a subscription for a:
SubscriberEntityTypeTitleChoose Subscriber Type
SubscriptionEntityTypeTextSubscribe to a:
SubscriptionEntityTypeTitleChoose Subscription Type
SubscriptionExcludeExclude target from &quot;Teach a Course&quot; wizard course copy
SubscriptionRoleHint&lt;p style=&quot;padding:0px 6px 6px 6px;&quot;&gt;Note: subscription roles may not be edited. If you wish to change a subscription&#39;s role, delete the existing subscription and create a new one.&lt;/p&gt;
SuccessDeletingConferencesSuccessfully deleted the selected conferences
SuccessfullyEnrolledSuccessfully Enrolled
SuccessfullyEnrolledLabelYou have successfully enrolled in the course:
SuccessfullyEnrolledMultipleLabelYou have successfully enrolled in these courses:
SuccessfullySavedSetupChangesSuccessfully saved your setup changes
SucessfullyConnectedToTheConferenceServerSucessfully connected to the conference server
SurveyParameterNameSurvey parameter name {0}
SurveyParameterValueSurvey parameter value {0}
SurveyProviderSurvey Provider
SurveyURLEmptyTextType or paste survey URL
SurveyUserUser Identifier
TabDelimitedFileTab-delimited file (*.txt)
TaskAdminTask Administration
TaskIdTask ID
TaskRunRun Time
TeachACourseTeach a Course
TeachACourseWizardLaunch the &#39;Teach a Course&#39; wizard
TeachAnExistingCourseTeach a new section of an existing course
TeachAnotherCourseTeach Another Course
TeachAnotherCourseDescriptionCreate a new course or copy an existing course.
TeacherDocumentTeacher Document
TeacherStudentListStudents of teacher {0}
TeacherStudentListHeaderStudent name
TestAnalyticsTest Analytics
TestAnalyticsSelectAssessmentNo assessment selected.
TestedCoverageTested Coverage
TestedMasteryTested Mastery
TestItemResponsesReportTest Item Responses
TestScoresReportTest Scores
TextMessageText message
TextMessageDisclaimer*BrainHoney doesn&#39;t charge for text messages, but standard text messaging rates or bundles may apply from your carrier.
TextMessagesText messages
the generic GoCourse loginthe generic BrainHoney login.
The specified subdomain is not registeredThe specified subdomain is not registered.
This item has been gradedThis item has been graded
This item has not been gradedThis item has not been graded
ThisFieldIsRequiredThis field is required
ThisQuestionHasBeenExcludedThis question has been excluded.
ThisQuestionHasNotBeenSubmittedThe student has not submitted this question yet.
Time Left:Time Left:
TimeLimitTime limit (in minutes)
TimeLimitLabelTime limit: {0} min
TimeSpentShow Time Spent
TimeToCompleteRequired minutes for completion
TitleAndDescriptionTitle and Description
TitleRequiredTitle is required
TodayWithTimeToday {0:t}
ToDoTo Do
ToEnrollTo enroll, go to the course catalog.
ToggleMessageAltToggle message body visibility
ToGradeGrading Dashboard
TomorrowWithTimeTomorrow {0:t}
TooManyConcurrentRequestConcurrent Requests
TooManyConcurrentRequestDetailsA number of requests you made to BrainHoney are still being processed. Please wait until some of the requests complete before you continue.
TooManyModulesAndFoldersToo many modules and folders
TooManyRequestErrorMessageThings are taking a little longer than normal. Don&#39;t worry, just try again in a moment.
TooManyRowsToo many rows ({1}) to display.
Total: {0}Total: {0}
TotalEnrollmentsTotal Enrollments
TotalPostedWordsTotal words posted
TotalStudentsTotal Students
ToWithArrowTo -&gt;
TranscriptView my transcript
TranscriptCourseEndDateEnd Date
TranscriptCourseStartDateStart Date
TranscriptCourseTitleCourse Title
TranscriptLoadingErrorError loading your transcript!
TranscriptNoCourseYou have not been enrolled in any courses.
TypeNameOrPressDownType the name of a student, or click here and press the down arrow key
Unable to load exam.Unable to load exam.
UnableToDeleteCalculationUnable to delete calculation. Details: {0}
UnableToExportCourseUnable to export course
UnableToMarkEnrollmentCompleteUnable to mark enrollment complete. Details: {0}
UnableToRecalculateStatisticsUnable to recalculate statistics. Details: {0}
UnableToRenderCustomQuestionFromUnable to render custom question {0}.
UnableToReportFinalGradeUnable to report final grade. Details: {0}
UnableToReportFinalGradeIncorrectGradeErrorUnable to report final grade. Details: Incorrect grade. Please set to a different grade and then try to select [auto] and report grade again.
UnableToSaveUnable to save.{0} Details: {1}
UnableToSaveCalculationUnable to save calculation. Details: {0}
UnableToSaveCourseConfigurationUnable to save course configuration
UnableToSubmitDetailsUnable to submit exam. Click OK to retry. Details:
UnableToSumitRedirectedUnable to submit exam. The response was redirected to a different page. This happens most often when you have been logged out. Click &lt;a href=&quot;javascript:void(0)&quot; onclick=&quot;;{0}&#39;, &#39;&#39;, &#39;width=800, height=600, scrollbars=yes&#39;);&quot;&gt;here&lt;/a&gt; to open a new window to login. After you login, close the new window and click OK to resubmit this exam.
UnapprovedSMUnapproved subscription manager: &#39;{0}&#39;
UnexpectedResponseBrainHoney received an unexpected response from the server while {0}.{1}Click {2}here{3} to see the response details.
UnitTestUnit Test
UnknownComponentUnknown component: {0}
UnknownErrorUnknown error.
UnknownFileTypeUnknown file type!
UnknownRegisterErrorThere was an unknown error while attempting to register.
UnsavedChangesYou have made changes that are not yet saved. If you leave this page the changes will be lost.
UnsupportedActionUnsupported action
UnsupportedBrowserUnsupported Browser
UnsupportedBrowserDetailsIf you continue, you may experience issues.&lt;br/&gt;BrainHoney officially supports the following browsers:&lt;ul&gt;&lt;li&gt;Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Firefox 3, 4&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Google Chrome&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Safari 3, 4&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ul&gt;
UnsupportedImportPackageThe package uploaded was not in a supported import format.
UnsupportedImsCCAuthorizationThe IMS Common Cartridge package uploaded requires authorization, which is currently not supported.
UpdateCatalogUpdate Catalog
UpgradeFlashTo view this content you need at least Flash Player 9
UploadCompleteUpload complete
UploadContentUpload Content
UploadDetailsSee &lt;a target=&quot;_blank&quot; href=&quot;{0}&quot;&gt;BrainHoney Help&lt;/a&gt; for file-format details and examples.
UploadFileUpload file
UploadFileFailureThe file {0} failed to upload to the server. The server responded with : ({1}) {2}
UploadFileFrameUpload File Frame
UploadFolderUpload Folder
UploadingAssignmentFailedFailed to upload your assignment
UploadingFileProgressMessageUploading your file to the server.
UploadingMediaFileDotDotDotUploading Media File...
UploadMediaFileUpload Media File
UploadProfilePictureFileTypeErrorFile uploaded is not an image type.
UploadProgressUploading {0} of {1}...
UploadProgressTitleUpload Progress
UploadTemplateSelect template
UploadUsersInstructionsChoose a tab-delimited or comma-separated (CSV) file to upload, and click Continue.
UseBasicLTIDigitally sign the request for LTI
UseBasicLTIHelpCheck this box to use Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) digital signing when launching this URL. Check this box only if the target web site requires LTI authentication.
UseBrainHoneyCredentialsUse BrainHoney credentials
UseBrainHoneyPasswordUse the BrainHoney ToGo password. If you do not know your BrainHoney ToGo password you can create a new password from the &#39;Personal Information&#39; page in BrainHoney.
UseCourseStylesheetUse a course stylesheet
UseFileUse: {0}
UseFileWithDateUse: {0} - saved on {1}
UseOtherCalendarHave another calendar?
User LoginUser Login
UserAccessMsgActionStatusOverall access count:{0}, Available for processing count:{1}.
UserAccessMsgActionSuccessAction is executed successfully.
UserAccessMsgNotAuthorizedYou do not have right to access user concurrent access control.
UserAccessMsgObjectNotFoundNo concurrent access control object for this user is found.
USERDescriptionFull name of the currently logged in user
UserDisplayName{0} {1} ({2})
UserDomainGuidUser Domain GUID
UserDomainIdUser Domain ID
USERFIRSTDescriptionFirst name of the currently logged in user
UserGuidUser GUID
UserIdUser ID
USERIDDescriptionID of the currently logged in user
UserIdentifierRequiredThe user must be identified with either the username, userid, or external id.
UserIdRequiredUserId required
UserImportNotesFor update and delete actions, either the user name or user id is required.
USERLASTDescriptionLast name of the currently logged in user
UserLoginPrefixUser Login Prefix
USERNAMEDescriptionUsername of the currently logged in user
UsernameInUseThe username you have entered is already in use. Please select one of the below suggestions, or try a different username.
UsernameInvalidThe username is not available. Please choose one of the suggestions or try another option.
UserNameRequiredUser name is required
UserProfilePersonal Information
UserProfileUpdateNoResponseErrorNo response from server
UserReferenceUser External ID
UserReferenceColHeaderExternal ID
USERREFERENCEDescriptionExternal ID of the currently logged in user
UserSearchLabelName, username, email or ID
USERSPACEDescriptionLogin or domain prefix of the currently logged in user
UseTemplateNotesInsert Template
ValidatePasswordPlease enter your current password:
VariableHelpTo use a course variable in course content, surround the variable name with &quot;$&quot; characters. For example: &quot;$MYVAR$&quot;.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The following variable names are reserved and are always available from within course content:&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;{0}
VariableHelp2To use a variable, surround the variable name with &quot;$&quot; characters. For example: &quot;$MYVAR$&quot;.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;You can also use any of the following standard variable names:&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;{0}
VariableHelp3Adding name-value pairs in this Advanced screen causes the system to perform an HTTP POST (instead of an HTTP GET) when navigating to the specified web site. All name-value pairs are POSTed to the site.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;You can pass user-specific values to the web site by using system variables in the Value column. Surround variable names in the Value column with &quot;$&quot; characters like this: $USER$&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;These are the available system variables:&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;{0}
VerifyDataVerify data
VerifyExamInformationVerify Exam Information
VerifyExamInformationDescriptionPlease verify the information below and enter the password for this exam.
VersionFormatVersion: {0}
VersionIdVersion ID
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ViewAllObjectivesView all objectives
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ViewAssetView File...
ViewAssetCaptionView File - {0}
ViewAsStudentView as Student
ViewAsTeacherView as Teacher
ViewBubbleSheetResultsView scanned test results
ViewCourseView Course
ViewCourseDescriptionView the new course.
ViewEnrollmentDetailView Enrollment Detail
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ViewGradesView Scores
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VisibilityAndCompletionVisibility and Completion
VisibleColumnsVisible Columns
VisibleFootersVisible Footers
VisibleFromStudent access
VisibleFromDateStudent access date
VisibleFromRowTooltipDate when the assignment is available to students
VisibleInstructionsChoose the date and time from which &#39;{0}&#39; is visible
VisibleInTocVisible in table of contents
VisibleToStudentsVisible to students
Waiting for the server to complete grading.Waiting for the teacher to complete grading.
WaitingForFinalGradeTooltipWaiting for final grade
WaitUntilFinishedSavingOne or more items are still saving. Please wait until they finish before continuing.
WaitWhileConferenceLoadsPlease wait while the conference loads...
WantToSubmitDo you want to submit {0}?
WantToSubmitWithDateDo you want to submit {0}, saved on: {1}?
WarningCannotDeleteCourseGroupSetYou cannot delete the course group set
WarningDuplicateGroupNameThe group name &#39;{0}&#39; has already been used. Please enter a unique group name.
WarningDuplicateGroupSetNameThere is already a group set with the name &#39;{0}&#39;. Please specify a different name.
WarningGroupSetNameRequiredYou must specify a group set name before continuing.
WebAccessNotAllowedAccess to the course &#39;{0}&#39; is not allowed on the BrainHoney web site.
WebLinkWeb link
WebSiteAddressWeb-site address
WeightingScaleWeighting scale
WeightingScaleTitleWeighting Scale
WeightWithinGroupWeight within group:
Welcome To BrainHoneyWelcome to BrainHoney!
WhatDoYouWantToDoNowWhat do you want to do now?
WhatIfCalculatorWhat-if calculator
WhatIfCalculatorDisclaimerThis score is only an estimate. It may not reflect other scores entered in the gradebook or hidden from your view.
WhatIfCalculatorIntroductionThis page allows you to project your final percentage. All recorded assignment scores are visible below and may not be changed. You can predict your final percentage by entering hypothetical scores for your remaining assignments in the empty spaces and pressing the &quot;Recalculate&quot; button.
WhatIfCalculatorTitleWhat-if Calculator
WhatIfCompletedProjected Completed
WhatIfScoreProjected Score
WhenCategoryIsCompleteWhen category {0} is complete.
WikiCanNavigateAwayMessageYou are currently editing a wiki page. To cancel the edit click OK. To continue editing the wiki page click Cancel.
WikiCanNavigateAwayMessage2You are currently editing a wiki page - data you have entered will not be saved.
WikiChangesTitleWiki Changes
WikiContentEditorWiki Content Editor
WikiContentFrameWiki Content Frame
WikiEditsByedits by
WikiEmptyClick &quot;Edit&quot; to add content
WikiHelpUses WikiPlex syntax
WikiPageDiffTitleEdits by {0} on {1}.
WikiPageNotCurrentVersionThis is an old revision of this page, as edited by {0} on {1}.
WikiSaveEditsYou have modified the wiki, but it is not yet saved. Do you want to save your edits?
WikiTooLargeThe wiki page size ({0}) is larger than the allowed maximum.
WithholdFromStudentWithhold from student
WorkForWork for &#39;{0}&#39;
XliNGDefaultVirtualPageNameNG VHTML Page
YellowPacingHas late assignments
YellowResponsivenessOne or more tasks are at least {0} days late
YellowRollupCompletionSome students are not completing the course
YellowRollupPacingSome students are behind schedule
YellowRollupPerformanceSome students are in danger of failing the course
YellowRollupResponsivenessSome tasks are late
YesterdayWithTimeYesterday {0:t}
YouAreModeratorYou are a moderator for this conference
YouAreNotInvitedToConferenceYou have not been invited to that conference
Your assignment has been gradedYour assignment has been graded
Your assignment has been submittedYour assignment has been submitted
Your assignment is graded; re-submissions are allowedYour assignment is graded; re-submission is allowed
Your assignment is graded; you have resubmittedYour assignment is graded; you have resubmitted
YourCourseHasBeenCreatedYour course has been created:
ZeroMaxScoreInfoWhen you specify 0 for max score, the grader can leave text feedback but no numeric score for this row.
ZeroUnscoredZero All Unscored Items
ZeroUnscoredItemTreat unscored as zero
ZeroUnscoredItemTooltipIf checked, this item will be treated as having a score of zero until scored.
ZipCodeZip Code
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