Modifying a Default Page

The default pages in BrainHoney are generated dynamically. In order to add or remove an object, the entire page has to be re-created manually. Fourtunately, the BrainHoney Frame API can make the task fairly easy.

The process to replace a default page is to create a replacement page, upload that page to the BrainHoney server, and then configure BrainHoney to use the new page. The steps below show an example of how to remove the Due Soon List from the Student's Home Page.

Create the Replacement File

BrainHoney uses frames to layout the various peices of content, so the replacement page only needs the elements contained in the sub-frame of the overall page. The Headers and other elements, which stay constant from page to page, do not need to be insterted again.

BrainHoney's Frame API uses Virtual Hypertext Markup Language (VHTML). BrainHoney will process these files before sending the final output to the browser. Therefore, the usual HTML overhead tags, like <html> and <body> are not needed.


Create a new file named StudentHome.vhtml with the following content:

<!-- Include the StudentCourseList component -->
<div style="margin: 20px 20px 20px 20px;" class="color_light default_border rounded_box shadow">
  <%Render Href="component/StudentCourseList"  AutoWidth="True"  AutoHeight="True"%>

<!-- Include the AnnouncementList component -->
<div style="margin: 20px 20px 20px 20px;" class="color_light default_border rounded_box shadow">
  <%Render Href="component/AnnouncementList" AutoWidth="True"  AutoHeight="True"%>
Upload the Replacement File

Log into BrainHoney as a Domain Administrator and click the Administration tab.


Click the Content tab.


Use the Upload Content button to add your StudentHome.vhtml file to the web folder.


Click the Choose File button to select the new file from the local computer. Type the word "web" under Upload Folder. Then click OK.

Configure BrainHoney To Use The Replacement File

Click the Edit link in the upper right hand corner to open the Edit Domain Dialog Box.


Click the Customization tab.


Add the following text to the files section. (opening and closing <files> tags will have to be added if they do not already exist)

<file path="web/StudentHome.vhtml" type="studenthome" /> 

It will take a few minutes for the server to register the new file and replace the default page. Wait 10 to 15 minutes before logging in as a student to witness the changes.

ALWAYS test file replacements in a subdomain first. Some files, such as the Welcome Page, can prevent even the domain administrators from accessing the system to make corrections. If an error occurs in a subdomain, a root domain administrator will still be able to access the site from the root level.