The <flags> element turns on or off various elements in several pages.
<addstudents emailvisible="boolean"/>
<comments questions="boolean"/>
<courses gradesvisible="boolean"/>
<coursesettings generaltabvisible="boolean" enrollmentcompletionvisible="boolean"/>
<header adminvisible="boolean"/>
<todo visible="boolean"/>
<profile picture="boolean"/>
<gradebook hidelinktoitems="boolean" hidepacecolumn="boolean" hideperformancecolumn="boolean" questiondetailsvisible="boolean"/>
<discussionforum hideimage="boolean"/>
flags / addstudentsemailvisibleHides or shows student email addresses in the teacher gradebook.
flags / commentsquestionsAllow users to comment on questions while taking an assessment. Default is false.
flags / coursesgradesvisibleHides or shows student grades on the student dashboard.
flags / coursesettingsgeneraltabvisibleHides or shows the “General” tab in the “Course Settings” dialog in the syllabus view. This tab gives the author/teacher the ability to change course and section settings including titles and start and end dates.

enrollmentcompletionvisibleHides or shows the “Enrollment Completion” section of the “Gradebook” panel in the “Course Settings” dialog in the syllabus view.
flags / headeradminvisibleHides or shows links to the administrator functions of the application.
flags / todovisibleHides or shows the To-Do section of the student dashboard.
flags / profilepictureAllow users to update their picture. Default is true.
flags / gradebookhidelinktoitemsHides or shows links to items in gradebook related components. Default is false.

hidepacecolumnHides or shows pace columns in gradebook component. Default is false.

hideperformancecolumnHides or shows performance columns in gradebook component. Default is false.

questiondetailsvisibleHides or shows question details in ItemSummary component. Default is false.
flags / discussionforumhideimageHides or shows the avatar images in discussion forum posts in ContentPlayer component. Default is false.
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