The <features> element turns on or off entire features of the product.
<features assessments="boolean" attachments="boolean" blogs="boolean" content="boolean" forums="boolean" homework="boolean" journals="boolean" objectives="boolean" periods="boolean" resources="boolean" rssfeeds="boolean" surveys="boolean" wikis="boolean" sections="boolean"/>
featuresassessmentsEnables or disables adding BrainHoney assessments to courses.

attachmentsEnables or disables adding attachments to course content items.

blogsEnables or disables adding BrainHoney blogs to courses.

contentEnables or disables showing content items for the course, including the “View” menu, editable content types, and the “Course Outline” view in the “Syllabus” page.

forumsEnables or disables adding BrainHoney discussion forums to courses.

homeworkEnables or disables adding BrainHoney homework items to courses.

journalsEnables or disables adding BrainHoney journals to courses.

objectivesEnables or disables aligning objectives to course content or assignments.

periodsEnables or disables managing grading periods in courses.

resourcesEnables or disables uploading resources to a course, including attachments.

rssfeedsEnables or disables adding BrainHoney RSS feeds to courses.

surveysEnables or disables adding BrainHoney surveys to courses.

wikisEnables or disables adding BrainHoney wikis to courses.

sectionsEnables or disables showing sections in the administrator UI. Default is false.
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