Customization XML

The customization tag in the domain data xml field has the format shown below. When editing in the BrainHoney UI, do not include the outer <customization> tags. Available customization elements are documented in this section.

  [Any combination of customization elements here]
Sample Customization

This is a sample customization file:

<provider type="Local" displayname="BrainHoney Login" showlogincontrol="true"/>
<provider type="SAML" displayname="SAML Federated Login" showlogincontrol="false"/>
<provider type="CAS" displayname="Central Authentication Service" showlogincontrol="false"/>
<file type="welcome" path="web/welcome.htm"/>
<file type="login" path="web/login.htm"/>
<file type="home" path="web/home.htm"/>
<file type="style" path="web/styles.css"/>
<file type="frame" path="web/frame.vhtml"/>
<file type="objectives" path="web/lo.xml"/>
<portal href="" text="Portal Home" home="Renamed Home"/>
<catalog selfenrollment="true">
<entry name="English" url=""/>
<entry name="French" url=""/>
<entry name="Empty" url=""/>
<menuitem type="Communicate" text="Google Search" url="" target="_top"/>
<menuitem type="Communicate" text="Gmail" url="" target="_blank"/>