Common Domain Learning Objectives

You can create your own common learning objectives sets to use in your domain. Using a domain learning objective set lets you create learning objectives that are common across courses. The learning objectives are split into sets for better usability. Follow these steps to set up your learning objectives:

1. Create the a file that defines one or more learning objective sets:

<set key="MySchool1" name="Computer Science" file="cs.xml"/>
<set key=" MySchool 2" name="English" file="en.xml"/>

2. Create the objectives set files:

<subject title="Computer Science">
<objective id="1" guid="D046A6A5-9D59-4fe0-A586-D4FB088DBAFB" title="Learn Theory"/>
<objective id="2" guid="458B0427-60B2-46e3-B2E9-0B77B161B1AC" title="Learn Practical Stuff"/>
<objective id="2.1" guid="2D652A58-5339-44e5-8CBF-86DD1AE30563" title="Languages"/>
<objective id="2.1.1" guid="51B46BE9-B020-45ec-9659-4F75E63F88DE" title="C"/>
<objective id="2.1.2" guid="B2E9877D-09AE-4ee2-8088-C65A11D9D673" title="C++"/>
<objective id="2.1.3" guid="211298C2-8271-41da-B995-5BF0BC57D9A1" title="C#"/>
<subject title="Math">
<objective id="1" guid="D19C7B87-1DB1-4e0f-8235-8715E8D7C500" title="Learn Theory"/>

3. Upload all files to the domain content into the same directory

4. Edit the learning objectives tag. The new tag must include “Domain" as a setowner:

<learningobjectives highgrade="Other" lowgrade="Other" setowner="Domain"/>

5. Edit the files tag to include a path to the objectives-set file

<file type="objectives" path="Web/LO.xml"/>

Note: Currently all files need to be stored in the “Web” directory of the domain content and the objectives sets file has to be named LO.xml.

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