Gets information about a custom question, including the current question state and student's answers.
CQ.getInfo(string id) : Object
An object containing the following properties:
divIdStringID of the div element where you should render the custom question.
versionStringThe version of the custom question.
modeStringThe mode the question should be rendered in. Possible values are:
  • Active - The user is currently taking the exam.
  • Review - The user is reviewing the answers and feedback from the exam.
  • Print - The teacher is printing a paper copy of the exam.
  • PrintKey - The teacher is printing a paper copy of the exam, with the correct answer key.
question.bodyStringBody of the question.
question.feedbackStringGeneral feedback of the question.
question.typeStringType of the question.
question.texttypeStringText type for short answer questions.
question.dataStringData for the question for custom question types.
question.choicesArrayArray of choice objects for multiple choice, multiple answer, and matching questions. Each object contains the following properties: id, body, answer, and feedback.
question.answersArrayOnly provided for when mode is PrintKey or Review. Array of correct answers for this question.
submission.answerStringStudent's answer as set by CQ.setAnswer.
submission.attempt.choicesArrayArray of choice IDs ordered for this attempt.
submission.attempt.parametersArrayArray of objects. Each object corresponds to a parameter for this attempt and has the following properties: name and value.
submission.attempt.publicdataString(Optional) Attempt specific custom data as specified by publicdata value in <custom>.
response.pointspossibleNumberPoints possible for this question.
response.pointsassignedNumberOnly provided when mode is Review. Points achieved.
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